New data models in the ACRIS subject CheckpointFacility, CheckpointFacilityOperatorParty, CheckpointFacilityType, ConcourseFacility, and MeasurementDevice

New data models for the passenger waiting list are mapped in the ACRIS subject from Smart Aeronautics domain.

  • CheckpointFacility. Property. Information about a Checkpoint in an Airport used to provide services. A Checkpoint facility is any facility where customers and passengers turn up and need to be processed, serviced or screened before proceeding to the next stage of their journey.

  • CheckpointFacilityOperatorParty. Property. Information that describes the Party responsible for the operation of a Checkpoint in an Airport.

  • CheckpointFacilityType. Property. Information that describes the classification for a Checkpoint in an Airport. Values are: Security Screening, Customs.

  • ConcourseFacility. Property. Information about an Airport Concourse as buildings or infrastructure used to provide services.

  • MeasurementDevice. Property. Information about the device (equipment) used to take measurements (observations).

Tokyo-International-Airport Runway-B

New data models in the ACRIS subject AirportElevationUnitOfMeasurement, AirportFacility, AirportLocation, and CheckpointAreaLocation

New data models for the passenger waiting list are mapped in the ACRIS subject from Smart Aeronautics domain.

  • AirportElevationUnitOfMeasurement. Property. The unit of measure of the height of an Airport above sea level (FT for foot or M for meter).

  • AirportFacility. Property. Information about an Airport as buildings or infrastructure used to provide services.

  • AirportLocation. Property. The geospatial or geopolitical location of an Airport.

  • CheckpointAreaLocation. Property. The geospatial or geopolitical location of a Checkpoint.


Egilsstaðir Airport

Vote for the new SQL service (Just two questions)

We are very close to launch a new service and we want to have your feedback on how to create this service.

So we made a Survey and you can help us by submitting your preference.

    This is a survey about the type of service that we want to create for the users of the Smart Data Models that generates a PostgreSQL schema SQL script.

    2. We would like to propose the following ways to interact with the service, choose one of these approaches :

    If you want us to discuss the suggestion fill your email here otherwise please leave it empty

    By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

    Thank you!

    New version of the contribution manual

    The contribution manual has minor updates frequently, but now we have created a brand new version

    Restructuring the contents

    – Including explanation on how to use the test service for new data models

    – Making more understandable the contribution workflow

    Guidelines for contributing

    – The list of support channels, including the new on discord

    – Move to the annex the slides for the automatic documents generated on the publication process

    and helping to make more understandable to those users recently joining the Smart Data Models initiative.

    As always the shortcut to reach it works:

    But you can also find a direct link in these locations

    Upper menu -> Contribution manual (7th option)

    Main menu -> documentation -> Contribution manual (5th option in the drop down menu)

    Feel free to make your comments on or as comments in the manual.


    Released the script for generating the specifications (new version)

    The new version of the script for generating the specifications has been released in the directory utils of the umbrella repository data-models.

    It allows the creation of the markdown specifications out of the json schema in multiple languages. If you have an account of DeepL API you can make the translations automatically.

    Thanks to Konstantinos Gompakis from for this suggestion on others.

    Extension of the Smart Data Models

    Hopefully you have unnoticed about several structural changes this weekend that has happen at SDM.

    Database of attributes,

    Now there are several additional information included.

    — A unique id for every attribute of a version of a data model (i.e.

    — The link to the parent’s attribute (whenever there is a parent) context link (i.e.

    — The unique id of the parent attribute (whenever there is a parent) (i.e.

    — The @context link of the attributes pointing to an existing web page with some details about the attribute (i.e.


    Now the second level of attributes is available in the specification document for all the languages (i.e.

    Context file

    Now the second and subsequent levels of the attributes have URI entries in the @context included in the file context.jsonld file in every subject (i.e.

    The URI of the data models points to a existing web page (i.e.

    Besides this we welcome a new member of the SDM team, Rihab Feki.

    questions/suggestions to

    New Version of the Python Package pysmartdatamodels 0.6.0

    There is a new version of the python package for pysmartdatamodels 0.6.0.

    This python package includes all the data models and several functions to use them in your developments.


    – Four new functions

    • New functions to generate fake example files given the schema payload of the data model in normalized ngsi-ld format,  key value ngsi-ld format and geojson feature format
    • New function to update a broker compliant with a specific data model

    – Acknowledgement session has been added into the README.

    pysmartdatamodels 0.6.0

    Get more details on the pypi page and feel free to try it out!

    Would you use an attestation of your contribution to SDM?

    We are considering to officially provide an attestation of your contributions to SDM.

    Before launching it officially we have created a drafted document for those contributors with a valid mail and name (there are people who do not want to disclose their contribution).

    Accordingly, if you browse the database of contributors you will see a new column with the heading attestation and a download draft link.

    By clicking on that link you can download the draft version of an attestation of your contribution.

    We’ll be glad to receive your feedback on this initiative and the format and content of the attestation in the address.

    You can see an example below



    Discord channel for Smart data models, #smart-data-models

    Now you can see in the right widget a new entry with the link for our channel on discord #smart-data-models, you can also send your question there. (But only once you have joined by using this invitation )

    If you need help on discord channel you can browse this link.