New data models in the ACRIS subject CheckpointFacility, CheckpointFacilityOperatorParty, CheckpointFacilityType, ConcourseFacility, and MeasurementDevice

New data models for the passenger waiting list are mapped in the ACRIS subject from Smart Aeronautics domain.

  • CheckpointFacility. Property. Information about a Checkpoint in an Airport used to provide services. A Checkpoint facility is any facility where customers and passengers turn up and need to be processed, serviced or screened before proceeding to the next stage of their journey.

  • CheckpointFacilityOperatorParty. Property. Information that describes the Party responsible for the operation of a Checkpoint in an Airport.

  • CheckpointFacilityType. Property. Information that describes the classification for a Checkpoint in an Airport. Values are: Security Screening, Customs.

  • ConcourseFacility. Property. Information about an Airport Concourse as buildings or infrastructure used to provide services.

  • MeasurementDevice. Property. Information about the device (equipment) used to take measurements (observations).

Tokyo-International-Airport Runway-B

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