MasterSheet for submission of simple data models

We have released a master sheet that simplifies the contribution to the smart data models.

It uploads the data model to a new repository called drafted.

The video help is also available

Steps for using the spreadsheet

0.- Make a local copy in your google account and grant permission the first time you use it (it warns you that it is not validated by google, true, but anyhow go to advance and grant the permissions

1.- Include your example in json key values

2.- Include the name of the data model, its title, the subject, and the description together with your email

3.,- Describe the attributes, their NGSI type, their data type, and the written description.

And click on the two buttons


Extended context.jsonld in all data models

Every subject — a group of data models — has a file named contex.jsonld at their root.

This file contains the @context with automatically generated IRI for the terms used in the data model.

The Entity types are also available in this file with their long IRI.  In the pointed example are the entries for “SeaConditions”, “WeatherAlert”, “WeatherForecast”, and “WeatherObserved”

Remember that if you want to use other IRI coming, for example, from existing ontologies you can use the service on the Home -> Tools -> Mapper @context with external ontologies

updated common-schema.json

We have noticed an error in the description of the attribute location in the file common-schema.json, a file that is embedded in most of the data models. It does not affect the data types (so the validation of the schemas is not affected) but it affects the qualification of the NGSI type that it is not properly identified,

GeoProperty is written with capital middle P.

The file has been updated and soon it will be launched an update of all the data models affected.

EBSI Verifiable Credentials mapped as data models

There is a new subject – Verifiable Credentials – in the Cross-Sector domain, with 5 data models derived from those at EBSI. Minor changes to be adapted as standard data models. Due to the fact that they are used only in key-values format the examples are only in this format. The @context defined has been removed because they are implicit attributes in NGSI-LD.

Check the derivedFrom metadata in every schema.json file to get to the EBSI source.

ebsi European Blockchain

pysmartdatamodels options in the tools menu

New options for pysmartdatamodels package. There are a new element in he tools menu to access the pysmartdatamodels package, its documentation, or a code example.