Common Information Model (CIM) specified by the IEC61970 standard data models

There is a new subject focused on the data models, dataModel.EnergyCIM,  of the Common Information Model (CIM) specified by the IEC61970. It is inside the SmartEnergy domain.

Due to a large number of data models (403), the examples will be provided later. it’s in the process of generating the for all of them.

Additionally, some of the properties could have some mismatch that it will be fixed as soon as detected (the lack of examples).

Thanks to the RWTH university for its contribution.

New data model for battery. StorageBattery

There is a new data model StorageBattery

The storage battery data model is intended to describe the technical characteristics of the battery and the charging and discharging conditions of the energy. The charging functionalities apply from a power source which can be an ‘on-board system, solar panel, wind turbine, generator, power supply’. Hydraulic sources are not included in this version. The discharge functions apply to all types of the system requiring energy consumption from a storage battery. *Remark* This Data Model can be used directly as the main entity to describe the device *Battery Storage* or as a sub-entity of the Data Model *DEVICE* using a reference by the *refDevice* attribute.

New data models for Environment. ElectroMagneticObserved and IndoorEnvironmentObserved

There are two new data models ElectroMagneticObserved and IndoorEnvironmentObserved

ElectroMagneticObserved. The Data Model is intended to measure excessive electric and magnetic fields (EMFs), or radiation in a work or public environment according to the level of exposure to electromagnetic fields on the air. The frequency of the Hertzian waves is conventionally lower than 300 GHz, propagating in space without artificial guide. They are between 9 kHz and 300 GHz.
IndoorEnvironmentObserved. Observation of air and climate conditions for indoor environments.

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New data models for Ports. BoatPlacesAvailable and SeaportFacilities

There are two new data models BoatPlacesAvailable and SeaportFacilities.

BoatPlacesAvailable . The purpose of the data model is to provide information on the availability of mooring rings for boats in the port by category. The information received relates only to pleasure boats and excludes commercial and passenger transport boats. The information on the Spot categories for boats is taken from the ISO 8666 standard.

SeaportFacilities. The Data Model is intended to provide information about ports that can accommodate pleasure craft, commerce or passenger transport. It permits to represent the parameters of each port, its location, its mooring capacities and the free or paid services associated with it provided directly by the port or by professionals working on or near the port“.

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