Slides from the session in the Smart Fest about Smart Data Models

On January the 20th it was held a session about Smart data models and data spaces at FIWARE Smart Fest edition 2. The slides from the four speakers are attached here.

soon we will make available the video of the sessions

Thanks to the entities participating Open Connectivity Foundation (Bruno Johnson), Engineering (Manfredi Pistone) and IUDX (Rakshit Ramesh).


Local @context now have existing URL

In the root of every subject in the Smart Data Models program there is a file named

context.jsonld (example from environment subject)

It compiles long IRI for every term in the subject (But for those which are general terms).

their URLs match this pattern “ ‘subject’  / term”

e.g.  “aqiMajorPollutant”: “

Now all of them are existing pages with basic information about the term.


Sculpture In Context 2004 7

New data model ManufacturingMachineOperation

There is a new data model in the Manufacturing Machine subject. Manufacturing Machine Operation. Thanks to the cooperation with GSMA IotBig Data project.

  • Manufacturing Machine Operation: This entity contains a harmonized description of a generic machine operation. This entity is primarily associated with the industry segment and related IoT applications. Each MachineOperation instance will be related to a specific Machine instance.

16.000 Kilonewton starke Transferpresse am Standort Erfurt

New data model ManufacturingMachineModel in the manufacturing Machine subject

There is a new data model coming from the relationship with the ioT big data project of GSMA. itis located in the subject dataModel.ManufacturingMachine.

  • ManufacturingMachineModel. This entity contains a harmonized description of a generic machine model. This entity is primarily associated with the industry segment and related IoT applications. The machine model includes a hierarchical structure that allows machine models to be grouped in a flexible way.

HBZ Trunnion 80

New ontology mapped: GSMA

GSMA in their Iot Big data project has created an ontology for mapping some of the elemtens in the data models.

Now in the folder

data-models > context -> ontologies_files ->gsma.json you have the file you can use with the external @context generator service in the main menu.


Testing the italian and japanese translations of the specifications

Now in the documentation directory of every data model ‘/doc’ you can see two new files and that are the Italian and Japanese translations of the specifications.

They are in beta version, (and they are nice automatic translations, but automatic).

Flag of Japan Flag of Italy

MInor updates widget in the frontend

In the right part of the screen, the last widget logs some of the minor changes that happen on a daily basis in the Smart Data Models Program.

Most of them are thanks to the contributors and people who raise issues in the repositories of the data models.

Only the last ten will be available but if you want the full story you can download the file.



Added all the ontologies coming from SAREF to the external context options

The new service for the generation of externally referenced @context has now available the mapping of the 13 SAREF ontologies.
Check them out in the ontologies_files directory in the data-models repo.

Local context service

If you want to use data models coming from several subjects you will have to merge (somehow) their @contexts.

In this first step, we offer you a service that allows you to choose what subjects you need to merge and to generate the @context.

See the instructions on the page. Now in Main menu -> @context -> Generate a local context

It also provides you with the conflicts in the attributes’ names, in order to let you solve them manually.

In the next step, possibly next week, you will have another service that will allow you to choose what reference ontologies and vocabularies you want to use and replace the Smart data models IRIs with those coming from these external sources.