Check the whole data model repository

The data models are composed of:

Manually contributed

  • Json schema describing the technical properties of the model and their descriptions
  • Some examples in JSON and JSON-LD (example.json, example.jsonld, example-normalized.json and example-normalized.json)


  • Manually contributed: The authors (CONTRIBUTORS.yaml)
  • Manually contributed: Current adopters of the data model (ADOPTERS.yaml)
  • Manually contributed: Customization of specifications (notes.yaml)

Automatically generated

  • The specification in English (, Spanish (, German (, French (, Italian (, Japanese (, and in Chinese (
  • Other examples in CSV and most of them in DTDL
  • Structure in yaml
  • Structure in SQL
  • for the data model
  • for the subject model


  • Licensing of the data model (use to be Creative commons 4.0) (

You do not have to start from a blank page.

We encourage you to check the contribution manual our templates for all the documents to be included together with a data model. Or the online editor or directly from a keyvalues example or from a csv example.

Recommended steps before submitting a new data model

1.- Review the contribution manual (especially pages 8-16)
2.- Check that your data model validates payloads in key-value format here
3.- Check that you have properly documented your data model here
4.- See a template
5.- See a real valid data model in any of the domains.

And these guidelines

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