Export of database of attributes of the Smart Data Models

For some developers is interesting to access the database of attributes you can search in the main menu -> Search

You have it in this link https://smartdatamodels.org/extra/smartdatamodels.json the file (It is a large one).

It has a CC-BY license so feel free to use it and we will be happy to disseminate the use that you do with it.

It is updated once a day.

Fields for each attribute

_id : identifier of the item given from mongodb by default

id : designed identifier of the attribute in the format of its context plus the version number, such as “https://smartdatamodels.org/dataModel.EnergyCIM/WindGenType4IEC/address/addressLocality#0.0.1”

parentId : identifier of the parent attribute of the current one if it has

context : context of the attribute

parentContext : context of the parent attribute of the current one if it has

subpropertiesContext : array of the context of the children attributes of the current one if it has

property : the name of the attribute

dataModel : the data model this attribute is present

repoName : the subject this data model belongs to

description : the description of the attribute

typeNGSI : Whether it is a property, Geoproperty, or relationship

modelTags : inherited from the data model tags

license : link to the license for the data model

schemaVersion : version of the data model

type : data type

model : when available the reference model for the attribute

units : when available the recommended units for the attribute

format : either date, or time, or date-time, or URI, etc the format of the attribute

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