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21-05-24. fixed typo in Agriapp and agricrop data models
21-05-24. Fixed typo in dataqualityassessment
20-05-24. Fixed typos in PublicTransportRoute and PublicTansportStop
09-05-24. updating Distribution in STAT-DCAT-AP subject
09-05-24. update data models UnmannedAerialVehicleTMSFlightMessageAgent, UnmannedAerialVehicleADSB and UnmannedAerialVehicle
08-05-24. Missing descriptions in Transport Station
08-05-24. Corrected a type in WaterObserved
14-04-24. Extended vehicle data model
11-04-24. Progressing with the new version of SDM
26-02-24. Fixed jsonref incompatilibity, updating version
15-02-24. Extended the building DM categories
15-02-24. Fixed issues in WaterDistributionNetwor data model
15-02-24. Extended the data model of TransitManagement
06-02-24. Fixing examples in tourist trip
06-02-24. new version of mosquito density data model
05-02-24. Fixed mosquitoDensity examples
02-02-24. Fixed some examples of Observation data model at SDMX subject
02-02-24. Extended the data model of ConsumptionPoint
02-02-24. Fixed some examples of distribution data model at STAT-DCAT-AP subject
02-02-24. Extended the data models digitalinnovationhub and digitalinnovationhubService
31-01-24. Corrected example in OpenChannel data model
31-01-24. Corrected the MotionDeviceSystem in OPCUA subject
31-01-24. Extended the data model of Event in TourismDestinations
31-01-24. Fixed errors in dataqualityassessment data model
29-01-24. Added ciurcuitId attribute to StreetlightGroup
29-01-24. Corrected error in transportStation data model
26-01-24. Added submodule human resources to domain Cross sector
26-01-24. Added submodule STAT-DCAT-AP to cross sector domain
26-01-24. Added submodule GBFS to smart cities domain
26-01-24. Added submodule forestry to agrifood domain
26-01-24. Included Smart destinations as a subrepository of the data-models umbrella repo
24-01-24. Extended the data model of dataquality.
22-12-23. Extended inverter data model in the OCF subject
21-12-23. Updated an fixed errors in ConsumptionPoint
20-12-23. Fixed Additional Properties errors of examples in 87 data models, like AgriParcelRecord, FlowerBed, VeterinarianTreatment and etc
15-12-23. Fixed typos, type errors of examples in 37 data models, like GtfsStop, Feed, ArrivalEstimation, and etc
14-12-23. Updated ThreePhaseAcMeasurement data model
05-12-23. Updated weatherforecast, seaconditions and weatherobserved
04-12-23. Extended the VM of the system
03-12-23. Updated the functions using the ruamel.yaml python package.
30-11-23. Minor update in AirqualityObserved
28-11-23. Working with Mandate data models at incubated
27-11-23. Explorig NERL data models.
23-11-23. Exploring the mapping of BRICK ontology
20-11-23. Support the Additional Property check in the process of data model check
20-11-23. Fix the duplicated attributes claimed in the schema in 14 data models, like ComplaintsOrganization, Garden, WeatherAlert and etc
14-11-23. Support the duplicated attributes check in the process of data model check
02-11-23. Fix the format error in schema.json, examples in dataModel.OCF
01-11-23. Fix the format error in examples in dataModel.Building, dataModel.UnmannedAerialVehicle, dataModel.FrictionlessData, etc.
01-11-23. Update the exclusiveMinimum and exclusiveMaximum from boolean to number or integer format in schema.json in dataModel.Parking, dataModel.Transportation, dataModel.OCF
26-10-23. Update of the SQL service
10-10-23. Include a link to download the contribution manual as pdf
02-10-23. Updated attributes definitions in ACMEasurement data model
02-10-23. Fixing contributors.yaml in S4SYST and S4BLDG.
22-09-23. New table of endorsements and integrations
22-09-23. Modify columns to make search form more friendly
20-09-23. fix error in processing referenced description together with local ones
15-09-23. Now the spreadsheet for creating dta models creates a copy directly
13-09-23. Published the invitation to the discord channel
13-09-23. Fixed the PointOfinterest model.yaml
08-09-23. Extended the data model PointOfInterest of the subject PointOfInterest
04-09-23. New version of the contribution manual
01-09-23. Fix a example in data model Device
01-09-23. Fix a example in data model seaconditions
28-08-23. Updated the description in category attribute for the pointofinterest data model
28-08-23. Fixed an issue in the statistics script.
25-08-23. Fixed the random twitt for dissemination of data models with the new twitter API
25-08-23. Impoved the statistics script
21-08-23. Extended dataset and distribution data models DCAT-AP with additional properties to the parent entities
09-08-23. Added battery property to FleetVehicleStatus.
01-08-23. Published a new version of pysmartdatamodels 0.6.0.
26-07-23. Testing attestations of contribution
25-07-23. Fixed duplicated propeties in digital innovation hub data models
02-07-23. Fixed the context.jsonld of DCAT-AP subject
27-06-23. Updated example of FleetVehicle, FleetVehicleOperation, FleetVehicleStatus
22-06-23. Version 1.7 of core context available for mapping external ontologies
22-06-23. Fixed error at BatteryStatus data model
22-06-23. Updated the contribution manual, with contribution agreement signature
21-06-23. Fixed examples at Activity data model
21-06-23. Fixed examples at urbanmobility subject
20-06-23. Fixed examples at GtfsAgency
20-06-23. Fixed examples at ArrivalEstimation
20-06-23. Fixed examples at SmartSpot
20-06-23. Regenerated the spec and context of the STAT-DCAT-AP subject
20-06-23. Fixed geoproperty spelling and fixing context
16-06-23. Fixed missing properties upload at SeaportFacilities
07-06-23. Fixed missing favicon
06-06-23. Fixed weather alert dependency of the alert subejct
06-06-23. Daily update of the sitemap.txt file
23-5-23. Fixed wrong example files in these datamodel: RainFallRadarObserved, AeroAllergenObserved, EnvironmentObserved, ElectroMagneticObserved, PhreaticObserved, AirQualityMonitoring, AirQualityObserved, Floodmonitoring, IndoorEnvironmentObserved
17-5-23. occupancyModified definition fixed at offStreetParking data model
17-5-23. Extended property conformsTo to dataset in DCAT-AP subject
10-4-23. Extended weatherObserved data mdoels wit attributes directIrradiation and diffuseIrriadiation
10-4-23. Improve the script for parsing the data model to consider the unbearable delay of github on the raw version
5-4-23. adopters file missing at organization data model in subject hl7
5-4-23. Included additional information for subject OSLO
4-4-23. fixed the $ref limitation to include descriptions
28-3-23. Fixed misplaced definitions in agrigreenhouse data model
16-3-23. Fixed the link of the news about water process
16-3-23. Update the readme of booking data model and waterprocess
9-3-23. Updated data models BicycleParkingStation and BicycleParkingStationForecast, wrong translation of ontology
8-3-23. Fix error in data model Medication (error in the original hl7) , missing type atrribute contained
8-3-23. Fix error in RoboticArm. Duplicated attribute
8-3-23. Republish the pages for every term
8-3-23. fix minor error in description of fishpopulation data model
3-3-23. Created two schemas for gaia-x data provider and data product in the incubated repository
1-3-23. notes_context.jsonld for DCAT-AP
20-2-23. Removed prefixes in attributes names at DAtaset data model in STAT-DCAT-AP
17-2-23. Updated versoin of data quality assessment data model
10-2-23. Uploaded two minor versions of pysmartdatamodels with more detailed metadata.
8-2-23. Updated the dataqualityassessment data model
7-2-23. Extended data model openchannelJunction data model
7-2-23. Extended data model Vessel
3-2-23. Extended the transit managagement data model
30-1-23. Updated of contribution manual. notes_context.jsonld
17-1-23. Fixed errors in the examples of PublicTransportRoute and PublicTransportStop
21-12-22. Updated the contribution manual. Sections context.jsonld and schema.sql
20-12-22. fixed embedded examples in BicycleParkingStationForecast data model
20-12-22. Created script for updating just the embgedded examples in the specs without translating anything
19-12-22. Fix error in example at BicycleParkingStationForecast
13-12-22. tiny error in an example of waterqualitypredicted
09-12-22. Updated the general information in the about section
08-12-22. fixed
07-12-22. Issues with the schema checker. unavailable right now
29-11-22. Fixed errors in examples and schema of TransprotStation
29-11-22. There are some issues with the tools because of the upgrade to python 3.8 of the server.
28-11-22. Added streetNr to address property
23-11-22. Fixed Switch data model at energyCIM subject
22-11-22. Extended device and deviemodel data models with devicecategory as a future replacement for category
21-11-22. Badge for users of data models in progress
21-11-22. Subscribe button at the top
13-11-22. new option in menu to access to the official list of data models in raw json
08-11-22. Link to the template for submitting a data model
07-11-22. Extended the vehicle data model for water vehicles
07-11-22. Fixed examples in onstreeparking and offstreetparking
03-11-22. Updated all data models fixing GeoProperty spelling
02-11-22. Updated the script retrieving the issues and PR. Now onlymoments of unavailability (while writing)
20-10-22. Fixed the script for creating yaml exports (integer issue)
20-10-22. Updated the form for xcreating a data model from a json payload
16-10-22. Fixed examples in catalogue data model
14-10-22. updated context information for BicycleParkingStation, BicycleParkingStationForecast, ResourceReport, ResourceReportForecast
13-10-22. Automation of the readme update of all domains (once a day)
13-10-22. Updated the readme of all domain repositories
13-10-22. Included the license in the domains repositories
10-10-22. Fixed % at schema version of TechnicalCabinetDevice
10-10-22. DDBB of version in progress
07-10-22. fixing errors in example data model Patient
07-10-22. fixing errors in example data model Dataset
07-10-22. fixing errors in example data model Callcomplaint and Calluser
07-10-22. fixing errors in example data model CatalogueRecordDCAT-AP
07-10-22. fixing errors in example data model Asset, hazard and cyberanalaysis
07-10-22. fixing errors in example data model AccessPoint and WifiNetwork
07-10-22. fixing errors in example data model citywork and bikelane
07-10-22. fixing errors in example data model road
07-10-22. fixing examples to have the right @context to resolve every term
06-10-22. Included type at Organization data model in Organization subject
06-10-22. Extended data model GreenspaceRecord at ParksAndGardens subject
06-10-22. Fix error in tank schema at subject EPANET.
06-10-22. remove access permissions to governance document
04-10-22. New introduction to the data models in the documentation menu.
30-09-22. working on the mapping of HL7 (health) data models
29-09-22. Version 1.6 of the NGSI core context at
28-09-22. Main presentation linked into the home-> documents section
28-09-22. Released the script for the merge of subjects' contexts in the utils directory
27-09-22. Updated the examples for BikeParkingStation at OSLO subject
23-09-22. Updated all pages corresponding to more than 18.000 terms. You have term IRI and a page is available. Also in yaml format
23-09-22. Updated BikeParkingStation and ResourceReport at OSLO subject
22-09-22. Drafted the data model for Person based on
20-09-22. New update on DigitalInnovationHub and DigitalInnovationHubService
19-09-22. Extended agriparcel data model
13-09-22. Fix at agricrop data model
09-09-22. Update the MotionDeviceSystem for new attribute and fix
07-09-22. Updated exclusiveMinimum to new specification at Vehicle data model
07-09-22. Updated exclusiveMinimum and exclusiveMaximum to new specification at GtfsTransferRule and OffStreetParking data models
07-09-22. Fixed error at AgriGreenhouse data mdel
06-09-22. Fixed minitems error at DistributionDCAT-AP and AgentDCAT-AP
06-09-22. Deined topics asstrings at DLTtxReceipt
06-09-22. Fixed wrong object definition Event data model
06-09-22. Fixed min / max error at NoisePolution and NoisepollutionForecast
06-09-22. Fixed minitems error StreetligtFeeder
06-09-22. Fixed schema errors Parking data models
06-09-22. Fixed Feedingoperation
06-09-22. Updated Garden data model fixed option error
06-09-22. Updated urban mobility DM GtfsTransferRule, GtfsStopTime, GtfsShape, GtfsFrequency
06-09-22. Updated ArrivalEstimation. fixed notation error
06-09-22. Updated KeyPerformanceIndicator datamodel
06-09-22. Updated structure UserContext and Activity data models
01-09-22. Update the data models PhotovoltaicMeasurement, PhotovoltaicDevice
31-08-22. Updated the guidelines about the adoption of standards
30-08-22. Updated properties details of trip_details at transitmanagement data model
30-08-22. Update the ThreePhaseAcMeasurement dta model. fix tiny error.
30-08-22. Update camera data model with attribute on
26-08-22. Fixed geoproperties in subattributes of cityworks data model
25-08-22. New function draft for testing pysmartdtamodels package
17-08-22. published the scripts for model.yaml and swagger.yaml generation at the folder
16-08-22. removed extra pattern validations for openinghoursspecification
16-08-22. updated ThreePhaseAcMeasurement and InverterDevice. Minor error un units
15-08-22. updated weather observed. minor error in units
28-07-22. updated Parks and gardens subject data models
27-07-22. updated Openchannel data model at openchannelmanagement subject
27-07-22. updated DataResourceFrictionlessData at TableSchemaFrictionlessData
27-07-22. updated Request at OCF subject
27-07-22. updated digitalInnovationHub subject and its datamodels
27-07-22. updated Organization data model
27-07-22. updated Machinelearning subject data models
27-07-22. updated woodworkingmachine data modelat OPCUA subject
26-07-22. updated most of agrifood data models due to sintactic error at agrifood commons
26-07-22. updated TourismDestinations data models (openinghoursSpecification)
26-07-22. updated transportation data models (openinghoursSpecification)
26-07-22. updated ports data models (openinghoursSpecification) and other issues
26-07-22. updated pointOfInterest data models (openinghoursSpecification)
25-07-22. updated urban mobility data models (openinghoursSpecification)
21-07-22. Updated autonomousMobileRobot data models
21-07-22. Updated UnmannedAerialVehicle subject incosnsitencies
21-07-22. Updated data models at waterdistributionmanagementEPANET
21-07-22. Fixed entity names at issuetracking subject
21-07-22. Fixed type in Activity
19-07-22. Fix Error in data model weatherAlert
13-07-22. Fix example on Road data model
08-07-22. Updated all README of data models to include the logo with the link to the web page
08-07-22. Extended waterQualityModel. Flow properties.
06-07-22. Linkedin link at frontpage
04-07-22. Update NoiseLevelObserved
01-07-22. Extended water Quality data model
20-06-22. Updated unitcode link in the FAQ 10
16-06-22. Added the 1.5 version of the ETSI core context for being mapped.
13-06-22. Updated weather observed
06-06-22. Updated contents of the mandatory files
06-06-22. Improve manus names to be more clear and self expalantory
05-06-22. Improved menu colors (more readable)
18-05-22. fixed issues with gmail that prevent som forms to work properly.
17-05-22. Unsolved problems with the gmail.
16-05-22. Issues with the mail are affecting the the forms that send mails (they stopped)
12-05-22. Some issues with the update of google mail.
25-04-22. Fix the incubated list
20-04-22. Works on the OPC UA data models.
19-04-22. Start works on the new specification format
06-04-22. Extended Parking group data models with new attributes
06-04-22. working on CCTV data model
24-03-22. work on 5 data models about autonomous mobile Robot
22-03-22. updated the about page.
14-03-22. Extended cotnact point commons with area served.
14-03-22. Work on transitManagement data model at incubated repository.
13-03-22. Updated the data models NoiseLevelObserved with missing attributes.
01-03-22. new version of contribution manual. simplifiction of examples required.
01-03-22. Working on new data models for aquaculture subject.
28-02-22. Fixed onstreetparking attribute allowedvehicletypes
25-02-22. Checked NGSIv2 examples
25-01-22. Updated uvMaxIndex attribute of WeatherObserved data model
25-01-22. Updated the conversion function at utils directory.
25-01-22. Updated the spec generator, including logo and schema version
25-01-22. Context.jsonld now includes headers ld+json
12-01-22. Survey to contributors about changes in the context
23-12-21. Reviewed and updated the form for manual contribution
21-12-21. updated examples and csv exports of "Aircraft","AircraftModel","Airline","Airport","Flight", "FlightNotification".
21-12-21. stopped the update of the old context version. Kept but frozen
21-12-31. Update all datamodels' examples to reorder attributes, id and type at the beginning, @context at the end and the rest in alphabetic order
21-12-21. Updated streelight model. mispelled attribute.
13-12-21. Updated, pending to be published the streetlight data model
13-12-21. Ready to be published streetlightfeeder data models
07-12-21. reindexed data model RainFallRadarObservation
07-12-21. Fix extra space in TouristTrip data model
07-12-21. Fix extra space in FireForestatus data model
07-12-21. Fix extra space in TransportStation data model
07-12-21. Fix extra space in buidlingtype data model
07-12-21. Updating Citywork. Error in eventsimpacted attribute.
02-12-21. Updating all data models to include a arning about how to deal with units.
02-12-21. Updated the specification creator script to mention how to deal with units
02-12-21. Included new FAQ about how to deal with units. question 10
30-11-21. included modeltags clause for these data models: Animal, PhreaticObserved, MediaEvent, OpenChannel, CSVDialectFrictionlessData, DataPackageFrictionlessData, DataResourceFrictionlessData, TableSchemaFrictionlessData
30-11-21. rescanning of modeltags into the data base.
26-11-21. Extended waterQaulityObserved
26-11-21. Published EnvironmentObserved and VehicleFault data models
25-11-21. Updated multiple data models to retrieve the NGSI type correctly.
24-11-21. New version for parsing attributes in complex payloads
23-11-21. updated definition in AgriParcelOperation attribute waterSource
22-11-21. Updated weatherObserved with airTemperatureTSA
21-11-21. Fixing minor issues in WasteWaterTank and WasteWaterJunction
21-11-21. Updated the data model hazard. Missing definitions analizedAt
21-11-21. Generated context.jsonld for Social media subject
21-11-21. Fix lack of definiion of analyzedAt in social media analysis.
21-11-21. Updated data model Pen to remove repaeated attribute id
21-11-21. Change reference for landlocation asttribute in Agrifarm data model. Redo specifications.
21-11-21. Updated the context.jsonld in subject waternetworkManagementeEPANET
20-11-21. Completed translations into Itialian and Japanese.
19-11-21. Fixed the checker of schema before submission (error due to the update in the meta schema by json organization)
19-11-21. Fixing 46 missing DTDL files.
19-11-21. Removing extra files (old ones)
18-11-21. Fixed issue with const in device data model for helping open api compatibility
15-11-21. updated Translations to italian and japanese Environment subject
12-11-21. updated Translations to italian and japanese GreeneEnergy subject
12-11-21. updated Translations to italian and japanese weather subject
12-11-21. Extended data model Weather Observed.
12-11-21. New data model Revenue collection
12-11-21. new subject PublicAccountability
11-11-21. New contributors ins Tracking, Device and environment subjects
11-11-21. Recreating documentation for RoadSegment and Vehicle
11-11-21. Fixing attributes definitions in RoadSegment and Vehicle
04-11-21. Updated all the local contexts to include ngsi-ld key
04-11-21. Updated the context generator to include ngsi-ld key
04-11-21. Launched UAV_media draft data model in incubated repository 04-11-21. Fixed database from redundant properties in wastewatersimulationresult
03-11-21. Updated to wordpress 5.8.1
02-11-21. Updating model.yaml of all data models with the new annotations license, derivedfrom and modelSchema.
02-11-21. Testing to include license, derivedfrom and modelSchema in the schema for swagger conversion.
02-11-21. Finished first version of japanese and italian translations
29-10-21. Including the DTDL export to the generation of new data models.
29-10-21. Fix an issue (duplicated key in enum) and a minor change in Device and Device model.
29-10-21. Starting to create the italian and japanese tranlsations. it will take a while (>8h)
28-10-21. Updated the version of the readme for data model. Now points to the spec instead of downloading them
28-10-21. Extended vehicle properties
27-10-21. New data model published WasteWaterSimulationResult
27-10-21. New data model published Trafficviolation
27-10-21. Testing the specifications translations in Italian and Japanese.
26-10-21. Updated example in Building data model. Inconsistency between normalized example and schema.
26-10-21. New version of the WeatherForecast, 6 new attributes in specification
26-10-21. New version of the model.yaml generator for including the modelTags
26-10-21. New version of the property inventory script fixing existing error with inventory of $ref properties
26-10-21. New version of the WeatherObserved, 6 new attributes in specification
25-10-21. Updating in data models to fix issue with interactive specification