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02-12-21. Updating all data models to include a arning about how to deal with units.
02-12-21. Updated the specification creator script to mention how to deal with units
02-12-21. Included new FAQ about how to deal with units. question 10
30-11-21. included modeltags clause for these data models: Animal, PhreaticObserved, MediaEvent, OpenChannel, CSVDialectFrictionlessData, DataPackageFrictionlessData, DataResourceFrictionlessData, TableSchemaFrictionlessData
30-11-21. rescanning of modeltags into the data base.
26-11-21. Extended waterQaulityObserved
26-11-21. Published EnvironmentObserved and VehicleFault data models
25-11-21. Updated multiple data models to retrieve the NGSI type correctly.
24-11-21. New version for parsing attributes in complex payloads
23-11-21. updated definition in AgriParcelOperation attribute waterSource
22-11-21. Updated weatherObserved with airTemperatureTSA
21-11-21. Fixing minor issues in WasteWaterTank and WasteWaterJunction
21-11-21. Updated the data model hazard. Missing definitions analizedAt
21-11-21. Generated context.jsonld for Social media subject
21-11-21. Fix lack of definiion of analyzedAt in social media analysis.
21-11-21. Updated data model Pen to remove repaeated attribute id
21-11-21. Change reference for landlocation asttribute in Agrifarm data model. Redo specifications.
21-11-21. Updated the context.jsonld in subject waternetworkManagementeEPANET
20-11-21. Completed translations into Itialian and Japanese.
19-11-21. Fixed the checker of schema before submission (error due to the update in the meta schema by json organization)
19-11-21. Fixing 46 missing DTDL files.
19-11-21. Removing extra files (old ones)
18-11-21. Fixed issue with const in device data model for helping open api compatibility
15-11-21. updated Translations to italian and japanese Environment subject
12-11-21. updated Translations to italian and japanese GreeneEnergy subject
12-11-21. updated Translations to italian and japanese weather subject
12-11-21. Extended data model Weather Observed.
12-11-21. New data model Revenue collection
12-11-21. new subject PublicAccountability
11-11-21. New contributors ins Tracking, Device and environment subjects
11-11-21. Recreating documentation for RoadSegment and Vehicle
11-11-21. Fixing attributes definitions in RoadSegment and Vehicle
04-11-21. Updated all the local contexts to include ngsi-ld key
04-11-21. Updated the context generator to include ngsi-ld key
04-11-21. Launched UAV_media draft data model in incubated repository 04-11-21. Fixed database from redundant properties in wastewatersimulationresult
03-11-21. Updated to wordpress 5.8.1
02-11-21. Updating model.yaml of all data models with the new annotations license, derivedfrom and modelSchema.
02-11-21. Testing to include license, derivedfrom and modelSchema in the schema for swagger conversion.
02-11-21. Finished first version of japanese and italian translations
29-10-21. Including the DTDL export to the generation of new data models.
29-10-21. Fix an issue (duplicated key in enum) and a minor change in Device and Device model.
29-10-21. Starting to create the italian and japanese tranlsations. it will take a while (>8h)
28-10-21. Updated the version of the readme for data model. Now points to the spec instead of downloading them
28-10-21. Extended vehicle properties
27-10-21. New data model published WasteWaterSimulationResult
27-10-21. New data model published Trafficviolation
27-10-21. Testing the specifications translations in Italian and Japanese.
26-10-21. Updated example in Building data model. Inconsistency between normalized example and schema.
26-10-21. New version of the WeatherForecast, 6 new attributes in specification
26-10-21. New version of the model.yaml generator for including the modelTags
26-10-21. New version of the property inventory script fixing existing error with inventory of $ref properties
26-10-21. New version of the WeatherObserved, 6 new attributes in specification
25-10-21. Updating in data models to fix issue with interactive specification