Smart Data Models

Welcome to Smart Data Models. This is a collaborative initiative impulsed by FIWARE foundation and TMForum (on test period).

These data models have been harmonized to enable data portability for different applications including, Smart Cities, Smart Agrifood, Smart Environment, Smart Sensoring, Smart Energy, Smart Water, Smart Destination, and Starting Smart Robotics and Smart Manufacturing. Available at https://github.com/smart-data-models. They are intended to be used wherever you want but with compliance to FIWARE NGSI version 2 and NGSI-LD. If you want to contribute and create additional data models, please have a look at our data model development guidelines and fill the form or just create a PR on the pending repository. Please note that as part of a unified approach to smart data, the Smart Data Models, along with contributions from GSMA and TMForum data models.

Data models are stored in repositories. The lower level repository is a Subject (I.e. Alert, Streetlighting, etc). Every subject repository is aggregated into Domain repositories. Domain repositories compile several subjects (i.e. inside Smart Environment there are 3 subjects, Environment, Waste management and Weather). At the same time, a subject could appear in several domains (i.e. Weather appear in Smart cities and in Smart Environment and in Smart Cities).

These data models are free to use and open-licensed. Therefore you can evolve them for your needs, in fact, we encourage you to do it in the actual repositories (see them on the right part of the front end). Of course, you have to reach some consensus with other users, and we encourage to meet some data model guidelines.

We also focus on maximizing the usefulness of these models and we provide csv examples of the payloads for all the datamodels in order to allow interaction with other platforms.

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