6 new data model for veterinarian management in agrifood subject

There are 6 new data models (AnimalDisease, AnimalMovement, Carcass, FeedRegistry, MeatProduct, VeterinarianTreatment) for veterinarian management and farming located at the Agrifood subject. They have been tested in I4Trust project with real cases.

  • AnimalDisease. Object modelling an animal disease for a livestock farm.
  • AnimalMovement. Object modelling of an animal movement for a livestock farm.

  • Carcass. Object modelling a carcass of an animal for a livestock farm.

  • FeedRegistry. Object modelling a feed registry for a livestock farm.

  • MeatProduct. Object modelling a meat product for a livestock farm.
  • VeterinarianTreatment. Object modelling a veterinary treatment for a livestock farm.


New data Model Pen for Agrifood sector

The Subject of dataModel.Agrifood, inside the domain Smart Agrifood has released 1 new data model:

  • PenFenced area in a building or department or outside housing a group of animals. Animals in a pen can move and interact freely. Pens are often not completely separated from each other (half walls, iron bars, fences,…), making it possible that animals from neighbouring pens can see/touch

Converted Global Data dictionary codes

What is Global Data Dictionary

The GS1 Global Data Dictionary (GDD) is a repository of the data elements defined across all GS1 Standards.

What is the scope of the Global Data Dictionary?

GS1 Business Message Standards (BMS) and their components with definitions for GDSN 3.1, 3.1.2 , 3.1.3 and 3.1.4, GS1 XML for EDI 3.0, 3.13.2 and 3.3, TSD and EPCIS 1.0.1. Higher versions will be added upon ratification.

  • Business Messages
  • Business Information Entities – message components and the relationship between them
  • Business Data Types
  • Code Lists used in Business Messages

The Business Messages are composed of Business Information Entities that comprise classes of information and their attributes. The attributes, in turn, have data types that may contain code list

The Full Set of GDSN & Shared Code Lists, and the Full Set of EDI, EPCIS, CPV & Shared Code Lists is now in a structured format in json much easier to integrate with NGSI platform.

Soon there will be part of them integrated into the smart data models.

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