6 new data model for veterinarian management in agrifood subject

There are 6 new data models (AnimalDisease, AnimalMovement, Carcass, FeedRegistry, MeatProduct, VeterinarianTreatment) for veterinarian management and farming located at the Agrifood subject. They have been tested in I4Trust project with real cases.

  • AnimalDisease. Object modelling an animal disease for a livestock farm.
  • AnimalMovement. Object modelling of an animal movement for a livestock farm.

  • Carcass. Object modelling a carcass of an animal for a livestock farm.

  • FeedRegistry. Object modelling a feed registry for a livestock farm.

  • MeatProduct. Object modelling a meat product for a livestock farm.
  • VeterinarianTreatment. Object modelling a veterinary treatment for a livestock farm.


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