Live support more flexible

We are going to replace the live support session on Mondays by a more flexible calendar service where you can book a 30 min slot for getting support on your data model design or use.

Always available in the upper part of the page.

Almost empty calendar

New projects incubated list

When creating a new data model is good to collaborate. In the Smart Data Models Program you can announce you’re in the process of creating a new data model by pressing the green button on the front page

It will take you to a form where you can announce the main data and include a public mail (mandatory) for being contacted. After a manual review, SDM will grant you the work on the incubated repository thanks to the github user (mandatory).

Once approved you will be published in the official list of data models. You can access this list by clicking the link just below the green button.

Besides this now the creation of a new data model is simpler than ever. You need only a key values payload of your new data model and most of the job is done by this service available at Menu -> Draft a data model -> Generate your schema out of your payload.

NOTE: Apologies to the contributors that sent their last projects (a deactivated plugin prevent their projects to be published publicly, now it’s fixed)

Survey. What ontologies are you using, if any?

    Smart Data Models Program is willing to ease the use of existing and adopted ontologies.

    Q1: Do you use semantic ontologies for your data

    If you do not know it is quite likely that the answer would be no

    Q2: Do you use them with NGSI-LD?

    Q3: What ontologies are you using (or planning to use)?

    Q4: Are you a member of the Smart Data Models organizations ?

    Member of FIWARE FoundationMember of TMForumMember of IUDXMember of OASCNo membership

    What is the green button for?

    You can notice a new button on our front page. What is this green button for?

    Start data model/s

    It is the starting point for contributing with a data model to the initiative. It takes you to a form. Let us explain how:

    • We ask you about the goal, it allows others to know what are the data models meant for
    • Name of the directory (the name that will be assigned in the incubated repository)
    • Your GitHub user (we do not disclose it) for granting you the permissions
    • The organization/s you belong to if this would be relevant for others
    • The project you are working for if this would be relevant for others
    • A contact email we disclose (otherwise how are they going to contact you for collaboration?)
    • The industrial domain, to make it simpler to look for similar initiatives
    • You can suggest the names of the data models willing to create
    • Any additional comment you wish

    After filling the form we assess if these data models are actually new, and then we grant you the permissions on the incubated repository and you will appear listed in the list of data models in progress.

    Calendar of events

    In order to provide a simple way to contact the different meetings around the Smart Data Models initiative now you have two new services, a calendar in the right upper corner, together with this new option in the menu. (About -> Events Calendar
    Additionally, a very simple theme has been assigned if you are accessing the site from your mobile in order to improve the performance (and the SEO as a consequence)

    Smart Data Models at FIWARE Smart Fest. LATAM session

    LATAM session will be held next 9th 21:00 CEST time. This block presents non-motorized transport (NMT) digitalization. We’ll have the use case of Smart Data Models with Bikelanes of Benidorm in Spain with Everis. The University of Cantabria will give a great opening with how Santander Smart City digitally evolved, covering FIWARE’s evolution. The NMT unit of the Municipality of Lima, NUNO, and FIWARE Foundation will flesh the discussion on sustainable cities and comment on the opportunities brought by FIWARE technologies presented on the panel.

    The sessions will be held in Spanish, find out the presentation.

    New option in the menu for geojson features export

    In the main menu option

    Generate NGSI examples -> Geojson features format

    This option allows you to generate random payloads compliant with a data model in Geojson features format.

    Survey to the users about the use of @context

    Here you can see an anonymous survey about the use of @context.

    The goal of the survey is to understand how @context is used and how the definition of terms could help the users.

    There is an option for making any kind of comments.

      Q1: What @context do you use?

      Mark those relevant for you manage my own copy or instance of the @context with my own termsI use NGSIv2 so I am not using @contextOther options not above, include in the next question

      Q2: If you use another @context and you want to share it write it down here (optional)

      Q3: Comments

      Q4: Are you a member of the Smart Data Models organizations ?

      Member of FIWARE FoundationMember of TMForumMember of IUDXNo membership

      Results will be presented in the next open session (Mondays 14:00 CEST).

      if you want to comment on anything in particular please include it here in the agenda of the session.