Public to do list

We are testing a new feature for the users of the portal. A public to-do list.
The idea is to make public what features, data models, etc are coming in a near future but on the other hand, we would like to open to the community.
I.e.allowing to set some priorities and to suggest new data models/features, etc.
Currently, if you register on the site you could add a new to-do item or comment on the existing one.
It is an experimental feature under evaluation to check if this is useful for global management.

We’ll check for a month, by the end of the month it will be decided if to keep it.

There is a link in the right widget of the front page. (last link)

New widget for searching data models

In the right column of the front page, there is a new feature for look for data models


once type ‘light’ it looks like in the right


Every entry is an hyperlink


Shortcut to go or search your data model

The list of data models has been completely changed.

Step 1: write part of the name of data model or repository

Step 2: The table filter the options

Step 3: Click on the name and it takes you directly to the github location you need.