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When creating a new data model is good to collaborate. In the Smart Data Models Program you can announce you’re in the process of creating a new data model by pressing the green button on the front page

It will take you to a form where you can announce the main data and include a public mail (mandatory) for being contacted. After a manual review, SDM will grant you the work on the incubated repository thanks to the github user (mandatory).

Once approved you will be published in the official list of data models. You can access this list by clicking the link just below the green button.

Besides this now the creation of a new data model is simpler than ever. You need only a key values payload of your new data model and most of the job is done by this service available at Menu -> Draft a data model -> Generate your schema out of your payload.

NOTE: Apologies to the contributors that sent their last projects (a deactivated plugin prevent their projects to be published publicly, now it’s fixed)

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