New tool for simplified creation of a data model

The creation of a data model requires two mandatory files, one example and a JSON schema containing the definitions and data types of the elements in the entity.
However, the JSON schema creation could be somehow demanding.
The new tool opens the door for people with only basic knowledge of JSON (every FIWARE user should be proficient in it).
If you have an entity defined in your system just retrieve it in key values format and paste it in this form (available at Menu -> Draft a data model -> Generate your schema out of your payload.

It will return a new page with a raw version of a JSON schema. What you have to check for a final submission?

1.- The title and description of the overall schema

2.- The id address of the schema (you’d need the subject to locate it)

3.- If you want to include any tags

4.- Remove those definitions that does not match your data model and include the missing ones.

so you would be able to make a PR with this JSON schema and your example according to the contribution manual.

Check it here as well

    Input: a json payload in keyvalues (id and type are mandatory)
    output: A json schema compliant with Smart Data Models Program mostly ready for contribution. See contribution manual for details.

    By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

    After clicking it will appear a message confirming the submission

    It will take an instant to redirect to the results

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