What is the green button for?

You can notice a new button on our front page. What is this green button for?

Start data model/s

It is the starting point for contributing with a data model to the initiative. It takes you to a form. Let us explain how:

  • We ask you about the goal, it allows others to know what are the data models meant for
  • Name of the directory (the name that will be assigned in the incubated repository)
  • Your GitHub user (we do not disclose it) for granting you the permissions
  • The organization/s you belong to if this would be relevant for others
  • The project you are working for if this would be relevant for others
  • A contact email we disclose (otherwise how are they going to contact you for collaboration?)
  • The industrial domain, to make it simpler to look for similar initiatives
  • You can suggest the names of the data models willing to create
  • Any additional comment you wish

After filling the form we assess if these data models are actually new, and then we grant you the permissions on the incubated repository and you will appear listed in the list of data models in progress.

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