Data Models Contribution API

FULL TEST: Check the whole data model repository

Parameters: (Mandatories)

  • datamodelRepoUrl: The link to the data model repository repository on github (see example)
  • mail: your mail
  • testnumber: different tests you can choose from based on your need. Some tests depend on the others
    • File structure check: to check the file structure of the repository, such as whether the url given is reachable, whether the least required files are in the repository (schema.json file and one jsonld example under examples folder)
    • Schema is properly documented: to check the validation and content in schema.json file
    • Examples check: to check the validation and content of files under the examples folder (Currently only example.json and example-normalized.json file supported)
    • Other files check: to check the validation and content of other files, such as notes.yaml and ADOPTERS.yaml
    • Full check: to do the full checks above, by default and better not to change
  • yamlOutput: True / False


It will output the message under the processing of check; detailed information are stored in the json file, which is reachable by clicking the link.

Real time message will be displayed when the specific check is before, during, after the process. You can find the errors or suggestions followed by each check if there’s any. Once the program is done, there is the statistic about the full check like “4 tests needed to run, 3 passed, 1 failed, 0 left”.

A json/yaml payload for schema.json check has 4 sections as below:

documentationStatusOfProperties (report of the individual status of the property description)

  • x-ngsi: Boolean. Describes if the description contains property, relationship or geoproperty in the description.
  • x-ngsi_text: Text. Further explanations about x-ngsi value.
  • documented: Boolean. If the description of the property reaches 15 chars.
  • text: Text. complementary information about the documentation (it could be either incomplete or nonexisting)

schemaDiagnose (Global diagnose, needs to be zero wrong to get data model accepted)

  • summary of how well documented are the properties


  • Properties used in other data models


  • Properties never used in the initiative

    This form validates a submission of a data model and provides feedback in case is not compliant with the guidelines and the contribution manual and also whether the properties are already used in other data models

    TESTS TO PERFORM (Choose one test and the tests that are depend on it will also be tested. Full check by default).



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    After clicking it will appear a message confirming the submission

    It will take an instant to redirect to the results


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