Data Models Contribution API

TEST 1: Check if your candidate schema is properly documented

The schemas to be accepted need to include a description for every property


Parameters: (Mandatories)

  • schemaUrl: The link to the RAW version of the schema (see example)
  • mail: your mail
  • test: 1
  • yamlOutput: True / False


Output: A json/yaml payload with 4 sections

documentationStatusOfProperties (report of the individual status of the property description)

  • x-ngsi: Boolean. Describes if the description contains property, relationship or geoproperty in the description.
  • x-ngsi_text: Text. Further explanations about x-ngsi value.
  • documented: Boolean. If the description of the property reaches 15 chars.
  • text: Text. complementary information about the documentation (it could be either incomplete or nonexisting)

schemaDiagnose (Global diagnose, needs to be zero wrong to get data model accepted)

  • summary of how well documented are the properties


  • Properties used in other data models


  • Properties never used in the initiative

Also available in this form below

    This form validates a submission of a data model and provides feedback in case is not compliant with the guidelines and the contribution manual and also whether the properties are already used in other data models




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    After clicking it will appear a message confirming the submission

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