Include userAlias in common-schema.json

The file common-schema.json compiles those properties massively used across the different data models in the different domains.
The property userAlias has been included to store those anonymous identifiers of a user that cannot be traced back to the user.
It can be referenced in any data model just by including this code

“userAlias”: {
“$ref” : “”

New data models in transportation subject coming from synchronicity project

3 new data models coming from the synchronicity project are available in the subject dataModels.Transportation.

  • RestrictedTrafficArea. An area of a city in which the traffic generated by cars or any other kind of vehicles is subjected to limitation.
  • RestrictionException. A Restriction Exception represents a particular case that specialise restriction reported in a Restricted Traffic Areas; for instance, it could describe particular permissions applied to specific kind of vehicles
  • SpecialRestriction. A Special Restriction represents a particular case that specialise restriction reported in a Restricted Traffic Areas; for instance, it could describe particular restrictions applied to specific kind of vehicles

These data models were initially developed in the project synchronicity and now it will be curated here.

Renamed subjects RawWaterManagement and WaterNetworkManagement

The subjects RawWaterManagement and WaterNetworkManagement are now being renamed to be more water-related.

RawWaterManagement is now OpenChannelManagement because these models help to describe the management of water through open channels.

WaterNetworkManagement is now WaterDistributionManagementEPANET because these data models are capable of describing the infrastructure and providing an output to EPANET together with the software developed in the FIWARE4Water project.

Two new data models PhotovoltaicDevice and PhotovoltaicMeasurement in GreenEnergy Subject

Two new data models, PhotovoltaicDevice and PhotovoltaicMeasurement are available in the dataModel.GreenEnergy Subject.

PhotovoltaicDevice: The Data Model is intended to describe the mechanical, electrical, and thermal characteristics of photo-voltaic panels according to STC – Standard Test Condition and NOCT – Normal Operating Cell Temperature

PhotovoltaicMeasurement: The Data Model is intended to measure the continuous power transferred by the photo-voltaic panel to an Inverter Device.



Updated the contribution manual

This a general review of the contributions’ manual with these changes:

  • Recommendation how to document a property that is an object referencing to a shared schema
  • Change order in the elements (schema recommendation is the most demanded documentation and it is being placed at the beginning)
  • Minor reviews, contact point, etc.

Located in the upper menu of the site.

Update the database for searching properties and descriptions

It has been updated the database for searching properties, two main improvements:

  1.  Performance (now it is a database query instead of the former static file)
  2.  The reference model of the property
  3.  The format (uri, date-time, etc) for string properties.