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New subject for sustainable development goals (SDG) and 3 data models Indicator, Action and Project

There is a new subject SDG, and 3 new data models related to the follow up of achievement of SDG by an organization through their projects and actions. Thanks to the contributors of the FIWARE Space of the Diputación de Badajoz (Spain) and their project Plataforma Provincial de Servicios Inteligentes (Provincial platform for smart services) providing services  to 160 municipalities/400.000 inhabitants

  • Action. Each activity that provides real development of a project, having associated budget, planning and execution. With a declared impact in one or some ODS in the form of a % of the budget.

  • Indicator. Measure of a project’s degree of development. Associated to target values to be reached and monitored. Divided in impact indicators and management ones.

  • Project. Set of activities that, when executed support the compliance of a strategic goal (Provision of Key Services, Management Evolution, Close contact with Territory, Enterprises Boosting, Focused Investment, Social/Cultural/Sports Promotion, etc.). This goal itself is composed of one or more project,s and address one of the strategic axes (Work model, Economic development, Social development, Environmental Development) that give a high level shape to the Strategic Plan


Sustainable Development Goals

Simple but useful programs to interact with a broker in PHP

We have released two very simple programs to create an entity in a context broker and for removing an entity based on its id.

Although this is pretty straight forward, being coded in PHP allows you to integrate with, in example, in a WordPress site.

In fact these programs are working in the test Orion-LD broker option, located here at home -> tools -> test Orion-LD broker

The source code is available at the utils directory and the  data-models umbrella repository



Test an Orion-LD broker populated with the SDM examples

In the tools menu there is a new option “Test Orion-LD broker“.
In this address https://smartdatamodels:1026 there is an Orion-LD Broker installed open for testing purposes. You can check

It is wiped out every hour, on minute 27, and then repopulated with some hundreds of examples (most of the current examples in data models).

Some examples of queries:

full specification 1.6.1

New version of the spreadsheet for drafting data models

You can see in the main page an image like the one below.

It takes you to a google spreadsheet where you can draft simple data models even without knowledge of json schema.

Json schema is the format that stores the master description of the data models in the Smart Data Models.

Now there are two additional tabs, ADOPTERS.yaml and notes.yaml which helps you to fill those files which are mandatory to be present but empty if you do not want to disclose your use case or you do not need to add additional explanations about the submitted data model.

Note: if you want to use the spreadsheet you need to:

– Create a local copy in your google account

– Allow the scripts to be executed

– Fill the yellow cells and click on the buttons

Feedback is always welcomed at info@smartdatamodels.org