New data models for ACRIS subject (airports) OperationTimePeriod, PassengerProcess, PassengerProcessType, QueueLocation, QueueMeasurement, QueueStatus

New data models for the passenger waiting list are mapped in the ACRIS subject from Smart Aeronautics domain.

  • OperationTimePeriod. Property. The time period over which the Checkpoint is operating.

  • PassengerProcess. Property. Information about the Passenger Party Process.

  • PassengerProcessType. Property. Information about the type of Passenger Party Process.

  • QueueLocation. Property. The geospatial or geopolitical location of a Passenger Queue.

  • QueueMeasurement. Property. Information about the measurements (observations) of particular Measures of a Passenger Queue.

  • QueueStatus. Property. Information about the status of a Passenger Queue. Values can be: Open, Closed.


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