New option in the menu for geojson features export

In the main menu option

Generate NGSI examples -> Geojson features format

This option allows you to generate random payloads compliant with a data model in Geojson features format.

New export format for data models

The README of the different data models now contains a new option, to export the payloads as a geojson feature.

It is a new line at the README of every data model. It provides actual results when the data model has Geoproperties. Otherwise, a warning message is replied to the user.

Summary open session

Find here the minutes of the open session.

As a reminder, open sessions are really open. Every Monday 14:00 CEST. You just need to connect to this link and if you want to present something edit this presentation and include your slides.

The open session is a 30.minutes meeting with 3 objectives:

1.- Show last developments. OPEN-SESSION-SMART-DATA-MODELS

2.- Answer questions regarding existing or coming data models

3.- Presenting to the community

There were comments about new data models to be contributed in the water sector and how to run a quick contribution.

New subject dataModel.DCAT-AP for connection with open data portals. Catalogue data model.

There is a new subject into Cross Sector domain for mapping the DCAT-AP 2.0.1 standard into smart data models.

This is the standard for catalogs and other elements to be shared from open data portals.

See the specification of this standard.

The first data model is the CatalogueDCAT-AP which has been released.

Smart Data Models Session at FIWARE Fest

This is just an advance of the session on the next 9th of June, 18:00 CET in the middle of FIWARE Fest.

FIWARE Fest is a three-day online event of world-class innovation, collaboration, and networking. See its agenda.

The smart data models session will include a keynote session and a panel of discussion about practical uses of the Smart Data Models.

You can register for this event here.


Summary of open session 2012-05-24

Find here the presentation of the open session


To join these sessions connect to (direct link to the online session)

To include your topic as a slot in the session, edit these slides

2021-05-24 Topics:

  • New and updated data models
  • New regulations to be adopted
  • Risk management data models
  • Validation of examples


Data model README improvement

The of every data model provides the links to the different translations of the specification. These sentences are now in their original languages.

Additionally, these links now take to the specification in GitHub and stop prompting to be downloaded.

Other information available in the README include:

  1. Links to the automatic creation of examples in NGSI-LD format
  2. Links to the actual examples of the use of this data model in 4 differnt formats

This format update will be completed today for all data models.

If you can think of other improvements please let us know.

New subject RoboticIndustrialActivities an new data models Piece, Pallet, RoboticArm, RoboticCell and VacuumPump

There is a new subject, dataModel.RoboticIndustrialActivities, in the Smart Robotics domain for compiling data models related to industrial activities with robots. it currently compiles these data models.

Thanks to the contributors of the DIH2 project.

Update the specs

Many of the contributors of the data models are providing changes into the and its translations.

Fortunately, this is not necessary. You just need to provide the changes in the descriptions included in the schema.json file of each data model.

Now in order to save time for the contributors, a warning message has been included in the specs.

The link takes you to the contribution manual section where the specification is described.


Open Session about Smart Data Models. Monday 14:00

Every week till there will be a 30 min live session to :

  • Make questions about any of the data models
  • Sharing experiences (maximum 5 minutes)

The agenda for the first 5-minutes slots is this. The 3

  • Introduction of the Smart Data Models
    Updates of the week (new services and new/updated data models). Survey.
    Regulations / standards to be mapped to smart data models

Direct link to the session minutes. You can book your 5 minutes slot there

First call here.

Open Session. Smart Data Models
Monday, May 17 · 14:00 – 14:30
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(ES) +34 872 55 91 43‬ PIN: ‪709 176 120‬#
More phone numbers: