Smart Data Models at FIWARE Smart Fest #FIWARESmartFest. Questions open

The #FIWARESmartFest. From 8-10 June, is a three days online event with >100 speakers from around the globe, and 35 hours “live on air” sessions of exciting deep-dives showcasing the power of #opensource, outstanding use cases, trending topics in tech, the FIWARE Accelerator DAY, networking opportunities on AirMeet, and much more.

On June 9th 18:00 CEST we will hold the Smart Data Models session with these speakers (alpha order):

  • Alberto Abella (Data modeling Expert, FIWARE Foundation)
  • Gert De Tant. Chief Technical Architect. OASC
  • Iván Dvojak.  (Marketing Director, Tourism Posadas, Province of de Misiones, Argentina)
  • Pierre Gauthier. (Chief API Architect at TMForum)
  • Antonello Monti. (Director ACS / Chair Automation of Complex Power Systems at RWTH University)
  • Abhay Sharma. (VP Engineering, IUDX Program Unit, SID, IISc)

Have a look and don’t forget to grab yourself a free ticket.
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There is a panel during the session and we expect that one or two questions could come from the attendants, or you can send it now at

Coming soon the detailed contents of the session.


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