Presentations of the Smart Data Models session at FIWARE summit

Here you can have the presentation of the people presenting at the Smart Data Models session of the FIWARE summit.

1.- Fernando Lopez (FIWARE Foundation) SDMX towards context information: achieving interoperability
2.- David Garcia (NTT Data) Public resources monitoring and management through innovative solutions based on extension of smart data models
3.- Mannix manglani (Mannixonline) TOURISM DATA MODELS
4.- Alberto Abella (FIWARE Foundation) Water data models
5.- Antonino Sirchia (Engineering) How FIWARE and Smart Data Models can make a City resilient on Flooding Risks
6.- Romain Magnani (EGM) The NGSI-LD data lab: an engaging interface for building NGSI-LD data configuration
7.- Clara Pezuela (ATOS) GreenMov: Green and smart mobility services
8.- Andrea Cruciani.(FIWARE SmartAgriFood MSC ) Agrigateway
9.- Hugo Miguel Serra (Deloitte) Smart Buildings data models
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