New subject mapping saref 4 buildings and 3 new data models

There is a new subject datamodel.S4BLDG mapping the data models from SAREF for buildings 1.1.2.

Thanks to the contributors Grzegorz Wiszniewski and Jakob Bjørnskov t the project Twin4Build – A holistic Digital Twin platform for decision-making support over the whole building life cycle.

The original linked data descripton is also kept and a @context could be generated with the service home->tools -> map @context with external ontologies. In this video there is an explanation on how to do it.

For the moment 3 entities has been published but there are more on the queue

  • Actuator. An actuator is a mechanical device for moving or controlling a mechanism or system. An actuator takes energy, usually created by air, electricity, or liquid, and converts that into some kind of motion.

  • AirToAirHeatRecovery. An air-to-air heat recovery device employs a counter-flow heat exchanger between inbound and outbound air flow. It is typically used to transfer heat from warmer air in one chamber to cooler air in the second chamber (i.e., typically used to recover heat from the conditioned air being exhausted and the outside air being supplied to a building), resulting in energy savings from reduced heating (or cooling) requirements.

  • Alarm. An alarm is a device that signals the existence of a condition or situation that is outside the boundaries of normal expectation or that activates such a device. Alarms include the provision of break glass buttons and manual pull boxes that are used to activate alarms.

Illuminated roof of the skyscraper Millenia Tower at night in Singapore

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