5 new data models from SAREF4Buildings

The new subject datamodel.S4BLDG is mapping the data models from SAREF for buildings 1.1.2.

Thanks to the contributors Grzegorz Wiszniewski and Jakob Bjørnskov t the project Twin4Build – A holistic Digital Twin platform for decision-making support over the whole building life cycle.

  • AudioVisualAppliance. An audio-visual appliance is a device that displays, captures, transmits, or receives audio or video. Audio-visual appliances may be fixed in place or may be able to be moved from one space to another. They may require an electrical supply supplied either by an electrical circuit or provided by a local battery source. Audio-visual appliances may be connected to data circuits including specialist circuits for audio-visual purposes only.

  • Boiler. A boiler is a closed, pressure-rated vessel in which water or other fluid is heated using an energy source such as natural gas, heating oil, or electricity. The fluid in the vessel is then circulated out of the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications.

  • Burner. A burner is a device that converts fuel into heat through combustion. It includes gas, oil, and wood burners.

  • Chiller. A chiller is a device used to remove heat from a liquid via a vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle to cool a fluid, typically water or a mixture of water and glycol. The chilled fluid is then used to cool and dehumidify air in a building.

  • Coil. A coil is a device used to provide heat transfer between non-mixing media. A common example is a cooling coil, which utilizes a finned coil that circulates chilled water, antifreeze, or refrigerant that is used to remove heat from air moving across the coil’s surface. A coil may be used either for heating or cooling purposes by placing a series of tubes (the coil) carrying a heating or cooling fluid into an airstream. The coil may be constructed from tubes bundled in a serpentine form or finned tubes that give an extended heat transfer surface. Coils may also be used for non-airflow cases such as embedded in a floor slab.

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