Include levels of privacy of properties in their description

The privacy of the data contained in a property has been under discussion for the documentation of any property.

Now there is a first version on how to implement it.

The contribution manual has been updated for this possibility. See the specific slide about it.

Privacy clause: Privacy:’[high/medium/low]

Describes if the property has any kind of information related with personal data. Current options:

  • No clause: (default) this property does not contain personal data
  • Privacy:’high’: Those properties that refer to data on ideology, union affiliation, religion, beliefs, racial origin, health or sexual life.
  • Privacy:’medium’. Those properties related to the provision of financial solvency and credit services of people and those that contain definition of characteristics or personality and that allow evaluating certain aspects of personality or behavior of people.
  • Privacy:’low’.  Those properties that contains personal data different from the rest of types.


“refUserDevice” :{

“description”: “Property. Model:’’. Privacy:’low’. An object representing the current device used by the User.”.


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