Survey to the users about the use of @context

Here you can see an anonymous survey about the use of @context.

The goal of the survey is to understand how @context is used and how the definition of terms could help the users.

There is an option for making any kind of comments.

    Q1: What @context do you use?

    Mark those relevant for you manage my own copy or instance of the @context with my own termsI use NGSIv2 so I am not using @contextOther options not above, include in the next question

    Q2: If you use another @context and you want to share it write it down here (optional)

    Q3: Comments

    Q4: Are you a member of the Smart Data Models organizations ?

    Member of FIWARE FoundationMember of TMForumMember of IUDXNo membership

    Results will be presented in the next open session (Mondays 14:00 CEST).

    if you want to comment on anything in particular please include it here in the agenda of the session.

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