pysmartdatamodels updated to 0.7

The new version does not provide new functionalities but an indication, including drafted code, about what is missing or in progress to the package can grow according to your needs.

The source code for the new version 0.7.0 is here at the data-models repository

There are 4 new functions drafted with the headings inputs and outputs and some recommendations for development.

1) validate_payload(datamodel, subject, payload)
2) create_QR_code(datamodel, subject)
3) include_local_datamodel(schema, subject, datamodel, contributors (optional), adopters (optional), notes(optional))
4) submit_datamodel(subject, datamodel, contributors (optional), adopters (optional), notes(optional), example_payload, notes_context, public_repository, credentials)

we will be glad to receive code or questions implementing this and we will include the authorship

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