New service for customization of @context with official ontologies

Some of the data models available are generated according to some ontologies (like dataModels.OSLO). The @context provided for the subject includes IRIs with the smartdatamodels by default, however, the use of official ontologies can be required.

In order to allow this the file notes_context.jsonld was created and also included in the contribution manual (seection 1.5 slide 23).

Now the service for mapping the external ontologies (Home -> tools -> Mapper @context with external ontologies) can detect that instead of a regular configuration file a notes_context.jsonld is provided and applies the replacement of terms defined there.

It can be also used as an API call, in this link you have an example

The structure of the notes_context.jsonld has to follow the template

  • {

“@context”: {

“Term1”: “uri_term_1”,

“Term2”: “uri_term_2”,



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