New harmonization repository

In order to provide a more transparent and participative approach to the creation and maintenance of data models, here you can see the three stages for a usual data model to be part of the official list of data models.

1.- Pending is the ‘wild’ zone where developers share their thoughts and create their data models. When finished (ready) they can create a PR on the right Subject repository.

2.- Harmonization is the repository for those new accepted models while they are fine-tuned or completed

3.- Subject means the repository in which the data model is officially published. Once there they are versioned when necessary.

Pending Harmonization Subject
Control of contributions No Yes Yes
Scripts for checking No Yes (specific) Yes (only acceptance and on update)
Code inside json schema No Harmonizing Local standard

Global standard

Versioning No No Yes
Managed Each contributor Contributor + SDM control SDM control
In domain No No Yes
Accept issues Yes but not managed Yes Yes (Here the open ones)
First Access Anyone
  1. Anyone previous pending acceptance
  2. Members direct

SDM: Smart Data Models initiative

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