New data models Citation and Immunization at Hl7 subject (Health)

In the subject, Hl7 is being progressively mapped

The following data models Citation and Immunization are mapped. In order to make it compatible with NGSI-LD some minor adjustments were necessary: 1) A limit in the recursive definition of data models has been applied (only 4 levels). 2) Modify the coding attribute to meet the examples.  3) Added the attribute type to be compatible with NGSI.

There are another 135 data models in the queue, and we hope they will be available soon. And other minor adjustments have been also included in the specification.

See it in subject Hl7 in the Smart Health domain.

  • Citation. The Citation Resource enables reference to any knowledge artifact for purposes of identification and attribution. The Citation Resource supports existing reference structures and developing publication practices such as versioning, expressing complex contributorship roles, and referencing computable resources.
  • Immunization. Describes the event of a patient being administered a vaccine or a record of immunization as reported by a patient, a clinician, or another party.

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