New data Model TechnicalCabinetDevice in Energy domain

In the subject dataModel.Energy there is a new data model, TechnicalCabinetDevice for describing a technical cabinet for storing different elements in an Energy system (or for another type of system as well)

  • TechnicalCabinetDevice. Technical Cabinet Device Data Model is intended to describe the technical characteristics of the device, designed to be placed in an urban or interurban environment. The main objective of these cabinets for this Data Model is to protect the electrical equipment necessary for the control, surveillance, reading, and management of urban lighting, signaling, video, and electrical distribution. The scope of use of some of these cabinets can extend to additional protection for installations of modular apparatuses of telephony, data processing, meteorological stations, photo-voltaic stations, wind turbines stations, telecommunications, networks, data, Optics, etc. Remark: This Data Model can be used directly as a main entity to describe the device Technical Cabinet or as a sub-entity of the Data Model DEVICE using a reference by the refDevice attribute. It can also refer to the list of all the components it contains, with the refDeviceList attribute, using the Data Model DEVICE
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