New data model Patient for the new subject HL7 at Smart Health domain

There is a new subject Hl7 mapping this standard. Hl7 is one of the main standards related to health, it defines more than 140 data models for the management of health information.

The first data model is the Patient data model. In order to make it compatible with NGSI-LD some minor adjustments were necessary: 1) A limit in the recursive definition of data models has been applied (only 4 levels). 2) Change the ‘const’ clause in json schema by an enum of one value to make it compatible with YAML (open API 3.0). Regarding the recursive definition of attributes, we expect that it would be more than enough for most of the practical applications. There are another 140 data models in the queue and we hope that soon they will be available.

See it in the at subject Hl7 in the Smart Health domain.

  • Patient. Demographics and other administrative information about an individual or animal receiving care or other health-related services.

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