Extension of the Smart Data Models

Hopefully you have unnoticed about several structural changes this weekend that has happen at SDM.

Database of attributes,

Now there are several additional information included.

— A unique id for every attribute of a version of a data model (i.e.

— The link to the parent’s attribute (whenever there is a parent) context link (i.e. https://smartdatamodels.org/address)

— The unique id of the parent attribute (whenever there is a parent) (i.e.

— The @context link of the attributes pointing to an existing web page with some details about the attribute (i.e. https://smartdatamodels.org/postOfficeBoxNumber)


Now the second level of attributes is available in the specification document for all the languages (i.e. https://github.com/smart-data-models/dataModel.User/blob/master/Activity/doc/spec.md)

Context file

Now the second and subsequent levels of the attributes have URI entries in the @context included in the file context.jsonld file in every subject (i.e. https://github.com/smart-data-models/dataModel.Environment/blob/master/context.jsonld)

The URI of the data models points to a existing web page (i.e. https://smartdatamodels.org/dataModel.Environment/ambientNoiseTSA)

Besides this we welcome a new member of the SDM team, Rihab Feki.

questions/suggestions to info@smartdatamodels.org

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