New features in the check of new data models

Now it is possible to check if the defined properties of a new model have already been used in other models.

Thus there are two new sections in the check of the data model:

  • alreadyUsedproperties
  • availableProperties

New Subject Frictionless Data

Frictionless data is a data format for sharing information.

This is the format used by the openSDG tool

for reporting indicators related to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

This subject, datamodel.FrictionlessData will map this standard allowing its use in the NGSI platforms like the FIWARE platform.

Integration with SDG is one of our public pending tasks.

Open session will be retaken on August 16th

Just a minor announcement about Open sessions. They will be retaken on the 16th.

You can suggest topics for the sessions. Domain-specific (e.g. health, environment, robotics, etc), subject (e.g. DCAT-AP, TouristDestinations, urban mobility, etc), or standardizations that should be mapped into the smart data models (e.g. SDG, DLT, ROS, cityGML, etc) or another topic. You could also present your presentation/questions during the session if you wish. We would appreciate you to mention why this suggested topic is relevant.

Open session 2021-7-19

  • No new subjects, data models, or updates in data models
  • In progress
      1. Work with frictionless data accepted by authors
      2. Working regarding the adoption of Energy data models
      3. DDI-CDI integration with NGSI-LD and smart data models
  • Pending 
    • Study automation of examples conversion.
    • DCAT-AP
      • Data service
      • Open data portal. (not from standard)
  • Next session 16th of August


Updated the learning zone with new videos

There is a new section in the Learning zone (4th option from the left in the upper menu).

The three new videos explain how to create data models without much technical knowledge thanks to the text editor online.

Three videos to create your first data model

These 3 videos are explaining to you how to use the online editor to create a new data model.

Are the videos useful?

    Useful (***** the best, * the worst)

    Open session 5-7-21

    Presentation of the 5-7-21 in the open session. Next session on the 12th of July 14:00h CEST.


    You can join the event directly here

    If you want to have it on your agenda click here.

    If you want to present something these are the slides with several free slots to be filled by the people attending.

    Source code for generating NGSI-LD key values examples based on Smart Data Models released

    According to the last open session, the script for the creation of the examples of the NGSI-LD key values is available for review and use with an open license.
    It is a python 3.6 script you can access in the utils directory of the initiative.
    Source code available

    New data model ItemFlowObserved

    In the subject dataModel.Transportation there is a new data model, ItemFlowObserved for counting items in lanes or other places that need to be counted.

    • ItemFlowObserved. The data model intended to measure an observation linked to the movement of an item at a certain location and over a given period. This Data Model proposes an evolution of two Data Model by merging them and integrating all the attributes of the initial version of [TrafficFlowObserved] and [CrowFlowObserved] and by extension any type of item that we want to analyze the movements. Attributes vehicleType and vehicleSubType are removed from the initial data Model in order to become generic itemType and itemSubType of possible values. (people, Type of vehicle, Type of boat, Type of plane, …).