Alpha version for drafting a data model

In case you are not an expert for creating a JSON schema (one of the elements of a data model)
On this page, you have a spreadsheet for helping with the first steps.

1.- Fill the spreadsheet with the names of the properties for your model

2.- fill the NGSI type (Property, Relationship or Geoproperty)

3.- In case of property, fill the data type (array and object types are currently not completely supported)

4.- Fill in the description

5.- Click the button, the page will reload

6.- voila! you have your json schema below the spreadsheet, just copy and paste into your favourite editor.

The python code for it is also made public in the utils directory in the data models repo.

Instructions to be listed as a data model adopter of Smart Data Models

It has been updated the format of the list of adopters of the data models (formerly were markdown files), now in it is rename into ADOPTERS.yaml based on this yaml template which allows an automatic processing. (Further announcements could be included in a future).

Further instructions in the page Data Models Adopters how to located in the menu option Data models -> Data Models Adopters How to

Improved the database of properties

The database for the searching on data models, properties and their descriptions has been expanded to allow filtering also by :

  • NGSI type (one of Property, Relationship or Geoproperty)
  • data type (string, number, boolean, array, object, etc)

Additionally, it has been updated containing more than 11.000 items

Accessible from the front page in this widget (Structured check)

You can export the results

All specifications updated

All the specifications (the text descriptions of the data model located in the /doc directory of each daat model) for the different domains and languages (currently French and Spanish besides English) have been updated to the new format. See an example in Spanish and French.

All of them are generated automatically from the json schema (which is the unique source of truth for the data model)

The contribution manual explains further details.

Raise an issue for any point you find in the new format.