New data Model Pen for Agrifood sector

The Subject of dataModel.Agrifood, inside the domain Smart Agrifood has released 1 new data model:

  • PenFenced area in a building or department or outside housing a group of animals. Animals in a pen can move and interact freely. Pens are often not completely separated from each other (half walls, iron bars, fences,…), making it possible that animals from neighbouring pens can see/touch

New Data model TouristTrip

The new Subject of dataModel.TourismDestinations, inside the SmartDestination domain has released 1 new data model:

  • TouristTrip : A tourist trip. A created itinerary of visits to one or more places of interest (TouristAttraction/TouristDestination) often linked by a similar theme, geographic area, or interest to a particular touristType. The UNWTO defines tourism trip as the Trip taken by visitors. This data model is based on standard UNE178503. It is also compatible with Some of the elements of has been adapted in this file Minor adjustments were necessary to keep compatibility with

Include levels of privacy of properties in their description

The privacy of the data contained in a property has been under discussion for the documentation of any property.

Now there is a first version on how to implement it.

The contribution manual has been updated for this possibility. See the specific slide about it.

Privacy clause: Privacy:’[high/medium/low]

Describes if the property has any kind of information related with personal data. Current options:

  • No clause: (default) this property does not contain personal data
  • Privacy:’high’: Those properties that refer to data on ideology, union affiliation, religion, beliefs, racial origin, health or sexual life.
  • Privacy:’medium’. Those properties related to the provision of financial solvency and credit services of people and those that contain definition of characteristics or personality and that allow evaluating certain aspects of personality or behavior of people.
  • Privacy:’low’.  Those properties that contains personal data different from the rest of types.


“refUserDevice” :{

“description”: “Property. Model:’’. Privacy:’low’. An object representing the current device used by the User.”.


Instructions to be listed as a data model adopter of Smart Data Models

It has been updated the format of the list of adopters of the data models (formerly were markdown files), now in it is rename into ADOPTERS.yaml based on this yaml template which allows an automatic processing. (Further announcements could be included in a future).

Further instructions in the page Data Models Adopters how to located in the menu option Data models -> Data Models Adopters How to

New Subject TouristDestination at Smart Destinations domain and data models Event and Tourist Destination

New Subject, dataModel.TourismDestinations for allocating data models related to touristic destinations.

It is located in the Smart Destinations domain repository.

Event is based on the examples provided for the semantic standard UNE 178503 and

TouristDestination is also based on this standard and UNE178503.

Schema and examples already available, specification and other documents will be available as soon as the general scripts run on this repo.


Smart water and Smart Environment: Updated WaterQualityObserved in water quality repository

The data model WaterQualityObserved has been expanded to include 3 new properties:

  • BOD: Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) is the amount of dissolved oxygen (DO) needed (i.e. demanded) by aerobic biological organisms to break down organic material present in a given water sample at certain temperature over a specific time period
  • COD: Chemical oxygen demand (COD) is an indicative measure of the amount of oxygen that can be consumed by reactions in a measured solution
  • PO4: Concentration of phosphates

Additionally, the data model of WaterQualityObserved has been moved from the dataModel.Environment repo to the dataModel.WaterQuality subject.

In order to preserve the relationship with the SmartEnvironment domain the subject dataModel.WaterQuality has been linked to it.


Improved the database of properties

The database for the searching on data models, properties and their descriptions has been expanded to allow filtering also by :

  • NGSI type (one of Property, Relationship or Geoproperty)
  • data type (string, number, boolean, array, object, etc)

Additionally, it has been updated containing more than 11.000 items

Accessible from the front page in this widget (Structured check)

You can export the results