5 new data models mapped from SAREF4BLDG ontology

The new subject datamodel.S4BLDG is mapping the data models from SAREF for buildings 1.1.2.

Thanks to the contributors Grzegorz Wiszniewski and Jakob Bjørnskov t the project Twin4Build – A holistic Digital Twin platform for decision-making support over the whole building life cycle.

  • EvaporativeCooler. An evaporative cooler is a device that cools air by saturating it with water vapor.

  • Evaporator. An evaporator is a device in which a liquid refrigerent is vaporized and absorbs heat from the surrounding fluid.

  • Fan. A fan is a device which imparts mechanical work on a gas. A typical usage of a fan is to induce airflow in a building services air distribution system.

  • Filter. A filter is an apparatus used to remove particulate or gaseous matter from fluids and gases.

  • FireSuppressionTerminal. A fire suppression terminal has the purpose of delivering a fluid (gas or liquid) that will suppress a fire. A fire suppression terminal provides for all forms of sprinkler, spreader and other form of terminal that is connected to a pipework system and intended to act in the role of suppressing a fire.

2008-03-14 Ice on condenser in Atlanta

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