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If you are not a developer (But if you are you can also use it) we have created a page for being updated about the last news of your domain of interest

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Methodology for working groups to create new data models

Most of the data models come from different groups of people interested in the creation of standards in an agile way.

Here you can access a cheat sheet (Let’s call it methodology) on how to tackle these tasks.

summarized these are the steps. It takes for granted that the group is already available.

Step 0. Gather documentation

Step 1. Compile elements.

Step 2. Meet to reach a Generalization proposal

Step 3. Internal validation

Step 4. Create the technical documentation of a data model

Step 5. Submit your data model

Step 6. Review

Step 7. Disseminate




Keep being update about Smart Data Models

If changes in the Smart data models matters to you, there is a new resource for keeping updated, the general mail list.

It is in test form, you can subscribe here

General news

The general list of news about the Smart data models initiative. Once a week if there is news for it, unless there would be relevant changes.
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The initial idea is to send a mail once a week (with some exception for urgent issues).

The form is also available in the right column of the frontend.

Governance folder

The governance documents for the initiative will be located at the main repository in the folder governance.

First documents will be:

  1. Global governance of the initiative
  2. An official list of administrators.

A PR on that repo would be reviewed for other documents that can be considered.