Generate a Geojson feature format payload based on a Smart Data Model

This is a beta version (so you can expect errors and not being complete). Use it at your own risk. Please report them at


Parameters: (Mandatories)

  • schemaUrl: The link to the RAW version of the json schema (see example)
  • email: your email


Use any data model from the Smart Data Models initiative and paste it into the form. Then you’ll get a page with a random payload compliant with the data model. Refresh for more.

You can also use this form

    This form generates a Geojson feature format payload compliant with a json schema from Smart Data Models.


    By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

    After clicking it will appear a message confirming the submission

    It will take a while to redirect to the feedback on a specific page

    Thanks for being patient

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