Create automatically the specification of your data model

The new version of the smart data models specification is on progress (most of the /doc directories of the data models have a version). If you want to check how this would look like you can have through this API call


Parameters: (Mandatories)

  • dataModel: The name of the entity for the specification
  • schemaUrl: The link to the RAW version of the json schema (see example)
  • examplesUrl: the url of where the 4 examples required for a data model are available (named
  • notesUrl: The url to the yaml for the customization paragraphs (notesHeader, after the title, notesMiddle, after properties’ list and notesFooter by the end)
  • mail:  a valid mail of yours


Output: A markdown text that although the HTML visualization is faulty, the source code of the page can be pasted in any markdown viewer (optimized for github) and you see will see something like this.

We are on the transition to having all the data models compliant.

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