Attributes and Enumerations database

Our recommendation is that whenever you are coding the properties (fields) of any data model you could code it with the same name for equal concepts.
then you can write down on the blue cell and in the yellow columns, you will see what other data models have coded something containing this string.

name dataModel schema dataType type
id Activity object Attribute
dateCreated Activity string Attribute
dateModified Activity string Attribute
source Activity string Attribute
name Activity string Attribute
alternateName Activity string Attribute
description Activity string Attribute
dataProvider Activity string Attribute
owner Activity array Attribute
seeAlso Activity N/A Attribute
dateActivityStarted Activity string Attribute
dateActivityEnded Activity string Attribute
refObject Activity N/A Attribute
activityType Activity string Attribute
refTarget Activity N/A Attribute
refAgent Activity N/A Attribute
UserActivity Activity string Enumerated Value
id UserContext object Attribute
dateCreated UserContext string Attribute
dateModified UserContext string Attribute
source UserContext string Attribute
name UserContext string Attribute
alternateName UserContext string Attribute
description UserContext string Attribute
dataProvider UserContext string Attribute
owner UserContext array Attribute
seeAlso UserContext N/A Attribute
location UserContext object Attribute
Point UserContext string Enumerated Value
coordinates UserContext array Attribute
bbox UserContext array Attribute
LineString UserContext string Enumerated Value
items UserContext number Attribute
Polygon UserContext string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint UserContext string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString UserContext string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon UserContext string Enumerated Value
address UserContext object Attribute
streetAddress UserContext string Attribute
addressLocality UserContext string Attribute
addressRegion UserContext string Attribute
addressCountry UserContext string Attribute
postalCode UserContext string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber UserContext string Attribute
areaServed UserContext string Attribute
refActivity UserContext N/A Attribute
refUserDevice UserContext N/A Attribute
refUser UserContext N/A Attribute
UserContext UserContext string Enumerated Value
id SmartPointOfInteraction object Attribute
dateCreated SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
dateModified SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
source SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
name SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
alternateName SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
description SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
dataProvider SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
owner SmartPointOfInteraction array Attribute
seeAlso SmartPointOfInteraction N/A Attribute
location SmartPointOfInteraction object Attribute
Point SmartPointOfInteraction string Enumerated Value
coordinates SmartPointOfInteraction array Attribute
bbox SmartPointOfInteraction array Attribute
LineString SmartPointOfInteraction string Enumerated Value
items SmartPointOfInteraction number Attribute
Polygon SmartPointOfInteraction string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint SmartPointOfInteraction string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString SmartPointOfInteraction string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon SmartPointOfInteraction string Enumerated Value
address SmartPointOfInteraction object Attribute
streetAddress SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
addressLocality SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
addressRegion SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
addressCountry SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
postalCode SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
areaServed SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
SmartPointOfInteraction SmartPointOfInteraction string Enumerated Value
category SmartPointOfInteraction array Attribute
areaCovered SmartPointOfInteraction object Attribute
applicationUrl SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
availability SmartPointOfInteraction string Attribute
refRelatedEntity SmartPointOfInteraction array Attribute
refSmartSpot SmartPointOfInteraction array Attribute
id SmartSpot object Attribute
dateCreated SmartSpot string Attribute
dateModified SmartSpot string Attribute
source SmartSpot string Attribute
name SmartSpot string Attribute
alternateName SmartSpot string Attribute
description SmartSpot string Attribute
dataProvider SmartSpot string Attribute
owner SmartSpot array Attribute
seeAlso SmartSpot N/A Attribute
SmartSpot SmartSpot string Enumerated Value
announcedUrl SmartSpot string Attribute
highest SmartSpot string Enumerated Value
lowest SmartSpot string Enumerated Value
medium SmartSpot string Enumerated Value
37 SmartSpot string Enumerated Value
38 SmartSpot string Enumerated Value
39 SmartSpot string Enumerated Value
37,38 SmartSpot string Enumerated Value
38,39 SmartSpot string Enumerated Value
37,39 SmartSpot string Enumerated Value
37,38,39 SmartSpot string Enumerated Value
availability SmartSpot string Attribute
refSmartPointOfInteraction SmartSpot string Relationship
id keyPerformanceIndicator object Attribute
dateCreated keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
dateModified keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
source keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
name keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
alternateName keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
description keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
dataProvider keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
owner keyPerformanceIndicator array Attribute
seeAlso keyPerformanceIndicator N/A Attribute
location keyPerformanceIndicator object Attribute
Point keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
coordinates keyPerformanceIndicator array Attribute
bbox keyPerformanceIndicator array Attribute
LineString keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
items keyPerformanceIndicator number Attribute
Polygon keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
address keyPerformanceIndicator object Attribute
streetAddress keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
addressLocality keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
addressRegion keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
addressCountry keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
postalCode keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
areaServed keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
KeyPerformanceIndicator keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
category keyPerformanceIndicator array Attribute
organization keyPerformanceIndicator object Attribute
process keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
product keyPerformanceIndicator object Attribute
provider keyPerformanceIndicator object Attribute
businessTarget keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
hourly keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
daily keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
weekly keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
monthly keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
yearly keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
quarterly keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
bimonthly keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
biweekly keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
calculatedBy keyPerformanceIndicator object Attribute
manual keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
automatic keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
semiautomatic keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
calculationFormula keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
aggregatedData keyPerformanceIndicator array Attribute
entityType keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
attrs keyPerformanceIndicator array Attribute
calculationPeriod keyPerformanceIndicator object Attribute
from keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
to keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
veryGood keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
good keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
fair keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
bad keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
veryBad keyPerformanceIndicator string Enumerated Value
effectiveSince keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
dateNextCalculation keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
dateExpires keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
updatedAt keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
area keyPerformanceIndicator string Attribute
id ArrivalEstimation object Attribute
dateCreated ArrivalEstimation string Attribute
dateModified ArrivalEstimation string Attribute
source ArrivalEstimation string Attribute
name ArrivalEstimation string Attribute
alternateName ArrivalEstimation string Attribute
description ArrivalEstimation string Attribute
dataProvider ArrivalEstimation string Attribute
owner ArrivalEstimation array Attribute
seeAlso ArrivalEstimation N/A Attribute
ArrivalEstimation ArrivalEstimation string Enumerated Value
hasTrip ArrivalEstimation object Attribute
remainingTime ArrivalEstimation string Attribute
remainingDistance ArrivalEstimation number Attribute
headSign ArrivalEstimation string Attribute
hasStop ArrivalEstimation object Attribute
id GtfsAccessPoint object Attribute
dateCreated GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
dateModified GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
source GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
name GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
alternateName GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
description GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
dataProvider GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
owner GtfsAccessPoint array Attribute
seeAlso GtfsAccessPoint N/A Attribute
location GtfsAccessPoint object Attribute
Point GtfsAccessPoint string Enumerated Value
coordinates GtfsAccessPoint array Attribute
bbox GtfsAccessPoint array Attribute
LineString GtfsAccessPoint string Enumerated Value
items GtfsAccessPoint number Attribute
Polygon GtfsAccessPoint string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint GtfsAccessPoint string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString GtfsAccessPoint string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon GtfsAccessPoint string Enumerated Value
address GtfsAccessPoint object Attribute
streetAddress GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
addressLocality GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
addressRegion GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
addressCountry GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
postalCode GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
areaServed GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
code GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
page GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
zoneCode GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
0 GtfsAccessPoint string Enumerated Value
1 GtfsAccessPoint string Enumerated Value
2 GtfsAccessPoint string Enumerated Value
hasParentStation GtfsAccessPoint N/A Attribute
stop_desc GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
hasService GtfsAccessPoint string Attribute
hasTrip GtfsAccessPoint N/A Attribute
hasStop GtfsAccessPoint array Attribute
GtfsAccessPoint GtfsAccessPoint string Enumerated Value
id GtfsAgency object Attribute
dateCreated GtfsAgency string Attribute
dateModified GtfsAgency string Attribute
source GtfsAgency string Attribute
name GtfsAgency string Attribute
alternateName GtfsAgency string Attribute
description GtfsAgency string Attribute
dataProvider GtfsAgency string Attribute
owner GtfsAgency array Attribute
seeAlso GtfsAgency N/A Attribute
streetAddress GtfsAgency string Attribute
addressLocality GtfsAgency string Attribute
addressRegion GtfsAgency string Attribute
addressCountry GtfsAgency string Attribute
postalCode GtfsAgency string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber GtfsAgency string Attribute
areaServed GtfsAgency string Attribute
GtfsAgency GtfsAgency string Enumerated Value
entitySource GtfsAgency string Attribute
agencyName GtfsAgency string Attribute
page GtfsAgency object Attribute
phone GtfsAgency string Attribute
timezone GtfsAgency string Attribute
language GtfsAgency string Attribute
id GtfsCalendarDateRule object Attribute
dateCreated GtfsCalendarDateRule string Attribute
dateModified GtfsCalendarDateRule string Attribute
source GtfsCalendarDateRule string Attribute
name GtfsCalendarDateRule string Attribute
alternateName GtfsCalendarDateRule string Attribute
description GtfsCalendarDateRule string Attribute
dataProvider GtfsCalendarDateRule string Attribute
owner GtfsCalendarDateRule array Attribute
seeAlso GtfsCalendarDateRule N/A Attribute
GtfsCalendarDateRule GtfsCalendarDateRule string Enumerated Value
appliesOn GtfsCalendarDateRule string Attribute
1 GtfsCalendarDateRule string Enumerated Value
2 GtfsCalendarDateRule string Enumerated Value
hasService GtfsCalendarDateRule object Attribute
id GtfsCalendarRule object Attribute
dateCreated GtfsCalendarRule string Attribute
dateModified GtfsCalendarRule string Attribute
source GtfsCalendarRule string Attribute
name GtfsCalendarRule string Attribute
alternateName GtfsCalendarRule string Attribute
description GtfsCalendarRule string Attribute
dataProvider GtfsCalendarRule string Attribute
owner GtfsCalendarRule array Attribute
seeAlso GtfsCalendarRule N/A Attribute
GtfsCalendarRule GtfsCalendarRule string Enumerated Value
hasService GtfsCalendarRule object Attribute
monday GtfsCalendarRule boolean Attribute
tuesday GtfsCalendarRule boolean Attribute
wednesday GtfsCalendarRule boolean Attribute
thursday GtfsCalendarRule boolean Attribute
friday GtfsCalendarRule boolean Attribute
saturday GtfsCalendarRule boolean Attribute
sunday GtfsCalendarRule boolean Attribute
startDate GtfsCalendarRule string Attribute
endDate GtfsCalendarRule string Attribute
id GtfsFrequency object Attribute
dateCreated GtfsFrequency string Attribute
dateModified GtfsFrequency string Attribute
source GtfsFrequency string Attribute
name GtfsFrequency string Attribute
alternateName GtfsFrequency string Attribute
description GtfsFrequency string Attribute
dataProvider GtfsFrequency string Attribute
owner GtfsFrequency array Attribute
seeAlso GtfsFrequency N/A Attribute
GtfsFrequency GtfsFrequency string Enumerated Value
startTime GtfsFrequency string Attribute
endTime GtfsFrequency string Attribute
exactTimes GtfsFrequency boolean Attribute
hasTrip GtfsFrequency object Attribute
id GtfsRoute object Attribute
dateCreated GtfsRoute string Attribute
dateModified GtfsRoute string Attribute
source GtfsRoute string Attribute
name GtfsRoute string Attribute
alternateName GtfsRoute string Attribute
description GtfsRoute string Attribute
dataProvider GtfsRoute string Attribute
owner GtfsRoute array Attribute
seeAlso GtfsRoute N/A Attribute
GtfsRoute GtfsRoute string Enumerated Value
page GtfsRoute object Attribute
routeColor GtfsRoute string Attribute
routeTextColor GtfsRoute string Attribute
0 GtfsRoute string Enumerated Value
1 GtfsRoute string Enumerated Value
2 GtfsRoute string Enumerated Value
3 GtfsRoute string Enumerated Value
4 GtfsRoute string Enumerated Value
5 GtfsRoute string Enumerated Value
6 GtfsRoute string Enumerated Value
7 GtfsRoute string Enumerated Value
operatedBy GtfsRoute N/A Attribute
shortName GtfsRoute string Attribute
id GtfsService object Attribute
dateCreated GtfsService string Attribute
dateModified GtfsService string Attribute
source GtfsService string Attribute
name GtfsService string Attribute
alternateName GtfsService string Attribute
description GtfsService string Attribute
dataProvider GtfsService string Attribute
owner GtfsService array Attribute
seeAlso GtfsService N/A Attribute
GtfsService GtfsService string Enumerated Value
operatedBy GtfsService N/A Attribute
id GtfsShape object Attribute
dateCreated GtfsShape string Attribute
dateModified GtfsShape string Attribute
source GtfsShape string Attribute
name GtfsShape string Attribute
alternateName GtfsShape string Attribute
description GtfsShape string Attribute
dataProvider GtfsShape string Attribute
owner GtfsShape array Attribute
seeAlso GtfsShape N/A Attribute
GtfsShape GtfsShape string Enumerated Value
distanceTravelled GtfsShape array Attribute
location GtfsShape N/A Attribute
id GtfsStation object Attribute
dateCreated GtfsStation string Attribute
dateModified GtfsStation string Attribute
source GtfsStation string Attribute
name GtfsStation string Attribute
alternateName GtfsStation string Attribute
description GtfsStation string Attribute
dataProvider GtfsStation string Attribute
owner GtfsStation array Attribute
seeAlso GtfsStation N/A Attribute
location GtfsStation object Attribute
Point GtfsStation string Enumerated Value
coordinates GtfsStation array Attribute
bbox GtfsStation array Attribute
LineString GtfsStation string Enumerated Value
items GtfsStation number Attribute
Polygon GtfsStation string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint GtfsStation string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString GtfsStation string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon GtfsStation string Enumerated Value
address GtfsStation object Attribute
streetAddress GtfsStation string Attribute
addressLocality GtfsStation string Attribute
addressRegion GtfsStation string Attribute
addressCountry GtfsStation string Attribute
postalCode GtfsStation string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber GtfsStation string Attribute
areaServed GtfsStation string Attribute
code GtfsStation string Attribute
page GtfsStation string Attribute
zoneCode GtfsStation string Attribute
0 GtfsStation string Enumerated Value
1 GtfsStation string Enumerated Value
2 GtfsStation string Enumerated Value
hasParentStation GtfsStation N/A Attribute
stop_desc GtfsStation string Attribute
hasService GtfsStation string Attribute
hasTrip GtfsStation N/A Attribute
hasStop GtfsStation array Attribute
GtfsStation GtfsStation string Enumerated Value
hasAccessPoint GtfsStation array Attribute
id GtfsStop object Attribute
dateCreated GtfsStop string Attribute
dateModified GtfsStop string Attribute
source GtfsStop string Attribute
name GtfsStop string Attribute
alternateName GtfsStop string Attribute
description GtfsStop string Attribute
dataProvider GtfsStop string Attribute
owner GtfsStop array Attribute
seeAlso GtfsStop N/A Attribute
location GtfsStop object Attribute
Point GtfsStop string Enumerated Value
coordinates GtfsStop array Attribute
bbox GtfsStop array Attribute
LineString GtfsStop string Enumerated Value
items GtfsStop number Attribute
Polygon GtfsStop string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint GtfsStop string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString GtfsStop string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon GtfsStop string Enumerated Value
address GtfsStop object Attribute
streetAddress GtfsStop string Attribute
addressLocality GtfsStop string Attribute
addressRegion GtfsStop string Attribute
addressCountry GtfsStop string Attribute
postalCode GtfsStop string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber GtfsStop string Attribute
areaServed GtfsStop string Attribute
code GtfsStop string Attribute
page GtfsStop string Attribute
zoneCode GtfsStop string Attribute
0 GtfsStop string Enumerated Value
1 GtfsStop string Enumerated Value
2 GtfsStop string Enumerated Value
hasParentStation GtfsStop N/A Attribute
stop_desc GtfsStop string Attribute
hasService GtfsStop string Attribute
hasTrip GtfsStop N/A Attribute
hasStop GtfsStop array Attribute
GtfsStop GtfsStop string Enumerated Value
operatedBy GtfsStop array Attribute
id GtfsStopTime object Attribute
dateCreated GtfsStopTime string Attribute
dateModified GtfsStopTime string Attribute
source GtfsStopTime string Attribute
name GtfsStopTime string Attribute
alternateName GtfsStopTime string Attribute
description GtfsStopTime string Attribute
dataProvider GtfsStopTime string Attribute
owner GtfsStopTime array Attribute
seeAlso GtfsStopTime N/A Attribute
GtfsStopTime GtfsStopTime string Enumerated Value
hasStop GtfsStopTime N/A Attribute
hasTrip GtfsStopTime object Attribute
arrivalTime GtfsStopTime string Attribute
departureTime GtfsStopTime string Attribute
distanceTravelled GtfsStopTime number Attribute
0 GtfsStopTime string Enumerated Value
1 GtfsStopTime string Enumerated Value
2 GtfsStopTime string Enumerated Value
3 GtfsStopTime string Enumerated Value
stopHeadsign GtfsStopTime string Attribute
id GtfsTransferRule object Attribute
dateCreated GtfsTransferRule string Attribute
dateModified GtfsTransferRule string Attribute
source GtfsTransferRule string Attribute
name GtfsTransferRule string Attribute
alternateName GtfsTransferRule string Attribute
description GtfsTransferRule string Attribute
dataProvider GtfsTransferRule string Attribute
owner GtfsTransferRule array Attribute
seeAlso GtfsTransferRule N/A Attribute
GtfsTransferRule GtfsTransferRule string Enumerated Value
hasOrigin GtfsTransferRule N/A Attribute
hasDestination GtfsTransferRule N/A Attribute
0 GtfsTransferRule string Enumerated Value
1 GtfsTransferRule string Enumerated Value
2 GtfsTransferRule string Enumerated Value
3 GtfsTransferRule string Enumerated Value
id GtfsTrip object Attribute
dateCreated GtfsTrip string Attribute
dateModified GtfsTrip string Attribute
source GtfsTrip string Attribute
name GtfsTrip string Attribute
alternateName GtfsTrip string Attribute
description GtfsTrip string Attribute
dataProvider GtfsTrip string Attribute
owner GtfsTrip array Attribute
seeAlso GtfsTrip N/A Attribute
GtfsTrip GtfsTrip string Enumerated Value
shortName GtfsTrip string Attribute
headSign GtfsTrip string Attribute
hasRoute GtfsTrip string Attribute
hasShape GtfsTrip N/A Attribute
block GtfsTrip string Attribute
hasService GtfsTrip N/A Attribute
0 GtfsTrip number Enumerated Value
1 GtfsTrip number Enumerated Value
2 GtfsTrip number Enumerated Value
id PublicTransportRoute object Attribute
dateCreated PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
dateModified PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
source PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
name PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
alternateName PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
description PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
dataProvider PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
owner PublicTransportRoute array Attribute
seeAlso PublicTransportRoute N/A Attribute
location PublicTransportRoute object Attribute
Point PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
coordinates PublicTransportRoute array Attribute
bbox PublicTransportRoute array Attribute
LineString PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
items PublicTransportRoute number Attribute
Polygon PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
address PublicTransportRoute object Attribute
streetAddress PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
addressLocality PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
addressRegion PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
addressCountry PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
postalCode PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
areaServed PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
PublicTransportRoute PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
routeCode PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
shortRouteCode PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
routeColor PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
routeTextColor PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
routeSegments PublicTransportRoute array Attribute
segmentName PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
refPublicTransportStops PublicTransportRoute array Attribute
schedule PublicTransportRoute array Attribute
opens PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
closes PublicTransportRoute string Attribute
Friday PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
Monday PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
PublicHolidays PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
Saturday PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
Sunday PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
Thursday PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
Tuesday PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
Wednesday PublicTransportRoute string Enumerated Value
id PublicTransportStop object Attribute
dateCreated PublicTransportStop string Attribute
dateModified PublicTransportStop string Attribute
source PublicTransportStop string Attribute
name PublicTransportStop string Attribute
alternateName PublicTransportStop string Attribute
description PublicTransportStop string Attribute
dataProvider PublicTransportStop string Attribute
owner PublicTransportStop array Attribute
seeAlso PublicTransportStop N/A Attribute
location PublicTransportStop object Attribute
Point PublicTransportStop string Enumerated Value
coordinates PublicTransportStop array Attribute
bbox PublicTransportStop array Attribute
LineString PublicTransportStop string Enumerated Value
items PublicTransportStop number Attribute
Polygon PublicTransportStop string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint PublicTransportStop string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString PublicTransportStop string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon PublicTransportStop string Enumerated Value
address PublicTransportStop object Attribute
streetAddress PublicTransportStop string Attribute
addressLocality PublicTransportStop string Attribute
addressRegion PublicTransportStop string Attribute
addressCountry PublicTransportStop string Attribute
postalCode PublicTransportStop string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber PublicTransportStop string Attribute
areaServed PublicTransportStop string Attribute
PublicTransportStop PublicTransportStop string Enumerated Value
stopCode PublicTransportStop string Attribute
shortStopCode PublicTransportStop string Attribute
wheelChairAccessible PublicTransportStop object Attribute
transportationType PublicTransportStop array Attribute
refPublicTransportRoute PublicTransportStop array Attribute
refPeopleCountDevice PublicTransportStop string Attribute
openingHoursSpecification PublicTransportStop object Attribute
id FlowerBed object Attribute
dateCreated FlowerBed string Attribute
dateModified FlowerBed string Attribute
source FlowerBed string Attribute
name FlowerBed string Attribute
alternateName FlowerBed string Attribute
description FlowerBed string Attribute
dataProvider FlowerBed string Attribute
owner FlowerBed array Attribute
seeAlso FlowerBed N/A Attribute
location FlowerBed object Attribute
Point FlowerBed string Enumerated Value
coordinates FlowerBed array Attribute
bbox FlowerBed array Attribute
LineString FlowerBed string Enumerated Value
items FlowerBed number Attribute
Polygon FlowerBed string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint FlowerBed string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString FlowerBed string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon FlowerBed string Enumerated Value
address FlowerBed object Attribute
streetAddress FlowerBed string Attribute
addressLocality FlowerBed string Attribute
addressRegion FlowerBed string Attribute
addressCountry FlowerBed string Attribute
postalCode FlowerBed string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber FlowerBed string Attribute
areaServed FlowerBed string Attribute
color FlowerBed string Attribute
image FlowerBed string Attribute
annotations FlowerBed array Attribute
FlowerBed FlowerBed string Enumerated Value
taxon FlowerBed array Attribute
depth FlowerBed number Attribute
width FlowerBed number Attribute
height FlowerBed string Attribute
category FlowerBed array Attribute
shape FlowerBed array Attribute
dateLastWatering FlowerBed string Attribute
nextWateringDeadline FlowerBed string Attribute
refGarden FlowerBed N/A Attribute
id Garden object Attribute
dateCreated Garden string Attribute
dateModified Garden string Attribute
source Garden string Attribute
name Garden string Attribute
alternateName Garden string Attribute
description Garden string Attribute
dataProvider Garden string Attribute
owner Garden array Attribute
seeAlso Garden N/A Attribute
location Garden object Attribute
Point Garden string Enumerated Value
coordinates Garden array Attribute
bbox Garden array Attribute
LineString Garden string Enumerated Value
items Garden number Attribute
Polygon Garden string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint Garden string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString Garden string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon Garden string Enumerated Value
address Garden object Attribute
streetAddress Garden string Attribute
addressLocality Garden string Attribute
addressRegion Garden string Attribute
addressCountry Garden string Attribute
postalCode Garden string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber Garden string Attribute
areaServed Garden string Attribute
color Garden string Attribute
image Garden string Attribute
annotations Garden array Attribute
Garden Garden string Enumerated Value
category Garden array Attribute
public Garden string Enumerated Value
english Garden string Enumerated Value
french Garden string Enumerated Value
chinese Garden string Enumerated Value
japanese Garden string Enumerated Value
zen Garden string Enumerated Value
rosarium Garden string Enumerated Value
herb_garden Garden string Enumerated Value
kitchen Garden string Enumerated Value
openingHours Garden string Attribute
dateLastWatering Garden string Attribute
nextWateringDeadline Garden string Attribute
refRecord Garden array Attribute
id GreenspaceRecord object Attribute
dateCreated GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
dateModified GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
source GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
name GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
alternateName GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
description GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
dataProvider GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
owner GreenspaceRecord array Attribute
seeAlso GreenspaceRecord N/A Attribute
location GreenspaceRecord object Attribute
Point GreenspaceRecord string Enumerated Value
coordinates GreenspaceRecord array Attribute
bbox GreenspaceRecord array Attribute
LineString GreenspaceRecord string Enumerated Value
items GreenspaceRecord number Attribute
Polygon GreenspaceRecord string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint GreenspaceRecord string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString GreenspaceRecord string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon GreenspaceRecord string Enumerated Value
address GreenspaceRecord object Attribute
streetAddress GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
addressLocality GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
addressRegion GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
addressCountry GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
postalCode GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
areaServed GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
color GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
image GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
annotations GreenspaceRecord array Attribute
GreenspaceRecord GreenspaceRecord string Enumerated Value
dateObserved GreenspaceRecord string Attribute
soilTemperature GreenspaceRecord number Attribute
soilMoistureVwc GreenspaceRecord number Attribute
soilMoistureEc GreenspaceRecord number Attribute
refGreenspace GreenspaceRecord N/A Attribute
refDevice GreenspaceRecord N/A Attribute
refWeatherObserved GreenspaceRecord N/A Attribute
litterCoverage GreenspaceRecord number Attribute
id BreedingOperation object Attribute
dateCreated BreedingOperation string Attribute
dateModified BreedingOperation string Attribute
source BreedingOperation string Attribute
name BreedingOperation string Attribute
alternateName BreedingOperation string Attribute
description BreedingOperation string Attribute
dataProvider BreedingOperation string Attribute
owner BreedingOperation array Attribute
seeAlso BreedingOperation N/A Attribute
location BreedingOperation object Attribute
Point BreedingOperation string Enumerated Value
coordinates BreedingOperation array Attribute
bbox BreedingOperation array Attribute
LineString BreedingOperation string Enumerated Value
items BreedingOperation number Attribute
Polygon BreedingOperation string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint BreedingOperation string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString BreedingOperation string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon BreedingOperation string Enumerated Value
address BreedingOperation object Attribute
streetAddress BreedingOperation string Attribute
addressLocality BreedingOperation string Attribute
addressRegion BreedingOperation string Attribute
addressCountry BreedingOperation string Attribute
postalCode BreedingOperation string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber BreedingOperation string Attribute
areaServed BreedingOperation string Attribute
relatedSource BreedingOperation array Attribute
BreedingOperation BreedingOperation string Enumerated Value
version BreedingOperation string Attribute
hasProvider BreedingOperation N/A Attribute
endpoint BreedingOperation string Attribute
category BreedingOperation array Attribute
id FishContainment object Attribute
dateCreated FishContainment string Attribute
dateModified FishContainment string Attribute
source FishContainment string Attribute
name FishContainment string Attribute
alternateName FishContainment string Attribute
description FishContainment string Attribute
dataProvider FishContainment string Attribute
owner FishContainment array Attribute
seeAlso FishContainment N/A Attribute
location FishContainment object Attribute
Point FishContainment string Enumerated Value
coordinates FishContainment array Attribute
bbox FishContainment array Attribute
LineString FishContainment string Enumerated Value
items FishContainment number Attribute
Polygon FishContainment string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint FishContainment string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString FishContainment string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon FishContainment string Enumerated Value
address FishContainment object Attribute
streetAddress FishContainment string Attribute
addressLocality FishContainment string Attribute
addressRegion FishContainment string Attribute
addressCountry FishContainment string Attribute
postalCode FishContainment string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber FishContainment string Attribute
areaServed FishContainment string Attribute
relatedSource FishContainment array Attribute
FishContainment FishContainment string Enumerated Value
version FishContainment string Attribute
hasProvider FishContainment N/A Attribute
endpoint FishContainment string Attribute
category FishContainment array Attribute
id AgriApp object Attribute
dateCreated AgriApp string Attribute
dateModified AgriApp string Attribute
source AgriApp string Attribute
name AgriApp string Attribute
alternateName AgriApp string Attribute
description AgriApp string Attribute
dataProvider AgriApp string Attribute
owner AgriApp array Attribute
seeAlso AgriApp N/A Attribute
location AgriApp object Attribute
Point AgriApp string Enumerated Value
coordinates AgriApp array Attribute
bbox AgriApp array Attribute
LineString AgriApp string Enumerated Value
items AgriApp number Attribute
Polygon AgriApp string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint AgriApp string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString AgriApp string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon AgriApp string Enumerated Value
address AgriApp object Attribute
streetAddress AgriApp string Attribute
addressLocality AgriApp string Attribute
addressRegion AgriApp string Attribute
addressCountry AgriApp string Attribute
postalCode AgriApp string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber AgriApp string Attribute
areaServed AgriApp string Attribute
relatedSource AgriApp array Attribute
AgriApp AgriApp string Enumerated Value
version AgriApp string Attribute
hasProvider AgriApp N/A Attribute
endpoint AgriApp string Attribute
category AgriApp array Attribute
id AgriCrop object Attribute
dateCreated AgriCrop string Attribute
dateModified AgriCrop string Attribute
source AgriCrop string Attribute
name AgriCrop string Attribute
alternateName AgriCrop string Attribute
description AgriCrop string Attribute
dataProvider AgriCrop string Attribute
owner AgriCrop array Attribute
seeAlso AgriCrop N/A Attribute
relatedSource AgriCrop array Attribute
AgriCrop AgriCrop string Enumerated Value
agroVocConcept AgriCrop string Attribute
hasAgriSoil AgriCrop array Attribute
hasAgriFertiliser AgriCrop array Attribute
hasAgriPest AgriCrop array Attribute
harvestingInterval AgriCrop array Attribute
plantingFrom AgriCrop array Attribute
daily AgriCrop string Enumerated Value
weekly AgriCrop string Enumerated Value
biweekly AgriCrop string Enumerated Value
monthly AgriCrop string Enumerated Value
onDemand AgriCrop string Enumerated Value
other AgriCrop string Enumerated Value
id AgriFarm object Attribute
dateCreated AgriFarm string Attribute
dateModified AgriFarm string Attribute
source AgriFarm string Attribute
name AgriFarm string Attribute
alternateName AgriFarm string Attribute
description AgriFarm string Attribute
dataProvider AgriFarm string Attribute
owner AgriFarm array Attribute
seeAlso AgriFarm N/A Attribute
location AgriFarm object Attribute
Point AgriFarm string Enumerated Value
coordinates AgriFarm array Attribute
bbox AgriFarm array Attribute
LineString AgriFarm string Enumerated Value
items AgriFarm number Attribute
Polygon AgriFarm string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint AgriFarm string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString AgriFarm string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon AgriFarm string Enumerated Value
address AgriFarm object Attribute
streetAddress AgriFarm string Attribute
addressLocality AgriFarm string Attribute
addressRegion AgriFarm string Attribute
addressCountry AgriFarm string Attribute
postalCode AgriFarm string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber AgriFarm string Attribute
areaServed AgriFarm string Attribute
relatedSource AgriFarm array Attribute
AgriFarm AgriFarm string Enumerated Value
landLocation AgriFarm object Attribute
contactPoint AgriFarm object Attribute
contactType AgriFarm string Attribute
email AgriFarm object Attribute
telephone AgriFarm string Attribute
url AgriFarm string Attribute
ownedBy AgriFarm N/A Attribute
hasBuilding AgriFarm array Attribute
hasAgriParcel AgriFarm array Attribute
id AgriGreenhouse object Attribute
dateCreated AgriGreenhouse string Attribute
dateModified AgriGreenhouse string Attribute
source AgriGreenhouse string Attribute
name AgriGreenhouse string Attribute
alternateName AgriGreenhouse string Attribute
description AgriGreenhouse string Attribute
dataProvider AgriGreenhouse string Attribute
owner AgriGreenhouse array Attribute
seeAlso AgriGreenhouse N/A Attribute
relatedSource AgriGreenhouse array Attribute
AgriGreenhouse AgriGreenhouse string Enumerated Value
ownedBy AgriGreenhouse N/A Attribute
belongsTo AgriGreenhouse N/A Attribute
hasAgriParcelParent AgriGreenhouse N/A Attribute
hasAgriParcelChildren AgriGreenhouse array Attribute
hasWeatherObserved AgriGreenhouse N/A Attribute
hasWaterQualityObserved AgriGreenhouse array Attribute
relativeHumidity AgriGreenhouse number Attribute
drainFlow AgriGreenhouse object Attribute
values AgriGreenhouse N/A Attribute
hasDevice AgriGreenhouse array Attribute
id AgriParcel object Attribute
dateCreated AgriParcel string Attribute
dateModified AgriParcel string Attribute
source AgriParcel string Attribute
name AgriParcel string Attribute
alternateName AgriParcel string Attribute
description AgriParcel string Attribute
dataProvider AgriParcel string Attribute
owner AgriParcel array Attribute
seeAlso AgriParcel N/A Attribute
location AgriParcel object Attribute
Point AgriParcel string Enumerated Value
coordinates AgriParcel array Attribute
bbox AgriParcel array Attribute
LineString AgriParcel string Enumerated Value
items AgriParcel number Attribute
Polygon AgriParcel string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint AgriParcel string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString AgriParcel string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon AgriParcel string Enumerated Value
address AgriParcel object Attribute
streetAddress AgriParcel string Attribute
addressLocality AgriParcel string Attribute
addressRegion AgriParcel string Attribute
addressCountry AgriParcel string Attribute
postalCode AgriParcel string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber AgriParcel string Attribute
areaServed AgriParcel string Attribute
relatedSource AgriParcel array Attribute
AgriParcel AgriParcel string Enumerated Value
area AgriParcel number Attribute
category AgriParcel N/A Attribute
belongsTo AgriParcel N/A Attribute
ownedBy AgriParcel N/A Attribute
hasAgriParcelParent AgriParcel N/A Attribute
hasAgriParcelChildren AgriParcel array Attribute
hasAgriCrop AgriParcel N/A Attribute
hasAgriSoil AgriParcel N/A Attribute
seeded AgriParcel string Enumerated Value
justBorn AgriParcel string Enumerated Value
growing AgriParcel string Enumerated Value
maturing AgriParcel string Enumerated Value
readyForHarvesting AgriParcel string Enumerated Value
lastPlantedAt AgriParcel string Attribute
hasDevices AgriParcel array Attribute
id AgriParcelOperation object Attribute
dateCreated AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
dateModified AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
source AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
name AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
alternateName AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
description AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
dataProvider AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
owner AgriParcelOperation array Attribute
seeAlso AgriParcelOperation N/A Attribute
relatedSource AgriParcelOperation array Attribute
AgriParcelOperation AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
hasAgriParcel AgriParcelOperation N/A Attribute
fertiliser AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
inspection AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
pesticide AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
water AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
other AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
ok AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
aborted AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
failed AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
plannedStartAt AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
plannedEndAt AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
planned AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
ongoing AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
finished AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
scheduled AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
cancelled AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
hasOperator AgriParcelOperation N/A Attribute
startedAt AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
endedAt AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
reportedAt AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
hasAgriProductType AgriParcelOperation N/A Attribute
quantity AgriParcelOperation number Attribute
borehole AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
rainfall AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
river AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
rainwater capture AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
water dam AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
commercial supply AgriParcelOperation string Enumerated Value
workOrder AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
workRecord AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
irrigationRecord AgriParcelOperation string Attribute
id AgriParcelRecord object Attribute
dateCreated AgriParcelRecord string Attribute
dateModified AgriParcelRecord string Attribute
source AgriParcelRecord string Attribute
name AgriParcelRecord string Attribute
alternateName AgriParcelRecord string Attribute
description AgriParcelRecord string Attribute
dataProvider AgriParcelRecord string Attribute
owner AgriParcelRecord array Attribute
seeAlso AgriParcelRecord N/A Attribute
location AgriParcelRecord object Attribute
Point AgriParcelRecord string Enumerated Value
coordinates AgriParcelRecord array Attribute
bbox AgriParcelRecord array Attribute
LineString AgriParcelRecord string Enumerated Value
items AgriParcelRecord number Attribute
Polygon AgriParcelRecord string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint AgriParcelRecord string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString AgriParcelRecord string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon AgriParcelRecord string Enumerated Value
address AgriParcelRecord object Attribute
streetAddress AgriParcelRecord string Attribute
addressLocality AgriParcelRecord string Attribute
addressRegion AgriParcelRecord string Attribute
addressCountry AgriParcelRecord string Attribute
postalCode AgriParcelRecord string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber AgriParcelRecord string Attribute
areaServed AgriParcelRecord string Attribute
relatedSource AgriParcelRecord array Attribute
AgriParcelRecord AgriParcelRecord string Enumerated Value
hasAgriParcel AgriParcelRecord N/A Attribute
soilTemperature AgriParcelRecord number Attribute
soilMoistureVwc AgriParcelRecord number Attribute
soilMoistureEC AgriParcelRecord number Attribute
solarRadiaton AgriParcelRecord number Attribute
soilSalinity AgriParcelRecord number Attribute
relativeHumidity AgriParcelRecord number Attribute
leafWetness AgriParcelRecord number Attribute
leafRelativeHumidity AgriParcelRecord number Attribute
leafTemperature AgriParcelRecord number Attribute
atmosphericPressure AgriParcelRecord number Attribute
hasDevice AgriParcelRecord array Attribute
depth AgriParcelRecord number Attribute
id AgriPest object Attribute
dateCreated AgriPest string Attribute
dateModified AgriPest string Attribute
source AgriPest string Attribute
name AgriPest string Attribute
alternateName AgriPest string Attribute
description AgriPest string Attribute
dataProvider AgriPest string Attribute
owner AgriPest array Attribute
seeAlso AgriPest N/A Attribute
relatedSource AgriPest array Attribute
AgriPest AgriPest string Enumerated Value
agroVocConcept AgriPest string Attribute
hasAgriProductType AgriPest array Attribute
id AgriProductType object Attribute
dateCreated AgriProductType string Attribute
dateModified AgriProductType string Attribute
source AgriProductType string Attribute
name AgriProductType string Attribute
alternateName AgriProductType string Attribute
description AgriProductType string Attribute
dataProvider AgriProductType string Attribute
owner AgriProductType array Attribute
seeAlso AgriProductType N/A Attribute
relatedSource AgriProductType array Attribute
AgriProductType AgriProductType string Enumerated Value
agroVocConcept AgriProductType string Attribute
category AgriProductType array Attribute
hasAgriProductTypeParent AgriProductType N/A Attribute
hasAgriProductTypeChildren AgriProductType array Attribute
root AgriProductType boolean Attribute
id AgriSoil object Attribute
dateCreated AgriSoil string Attribute
dateModified AgriSoil string Attribute
source AgriSoil string Attribute
name AgriSoil string Attribute
alternateName AgriSoil string Attribute
description AgriSoil string Attribute
dataProvider AgriSoil string Attribute
owner AgriSoil array Attribute
seeAlso AgriSoil N/A Attribute
relatedSource AgriSoil array Attribute
AgriSoil AgriSoil string Enumerated Value
agroVocConcept AgriSoil string Attribute
hasAgriProductType AgriSoil array Attribute
id Animal N/A Attribute
dateCreated Animal string Attribute
dateModified Animal string Attribute
source Animal string Attribute
name Animal string Attribute
alternateName Animal string Attribute
description Animal string Attribute
dataProvider Animal string Attribute
owner Animal array Attribute
seeAlso Animal N/A Attribute
location Animal object Attribute
Point Animal string Enumerated Value
coordinates Animal array Attribute
bbox Animal array Attribute
LineString Animal string Enumerated Value
items Animal number Attribute
Polygon Animal string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint Animal string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString Animal string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon Animal string Enumerated Value
address Animal object Attribute
streetAddress Animal string Attribute
addressLocality Animal string Attribute
addressRegion Animal string Attribute
addressCountry Animal string Attribute
postalCode Animal string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber Animal string Attribute
areaServed Animal string Attribute
relatedSource Animal array Attribute
Animal Animal string Enumerated Value
cow Animal string Enumerated Value
goat Animal string Enumerated Value
horse Animal string Enumerated Value
pig Animal string Enumerated Value
sheep Animal string Enumerated Value
dairy cattle Animal string Enumerated Value
beef cattle Animal string Enumerated Value
legalId Animal string Attribute
birthdate Animal string Attribute
male Animal string Enumerated Value
female Animal string Enumerated Value
breed Animal string Attribute
calvedBy Animal N/A Attribute
siredBy Animal N/A Attribute
weight Animal number Attribute
ownedBy Animal N/A Attribute
locatedAt Animal N/A Attribute
lactatingBaby Animal string Enumerated Value
grazingBaby Animal string Enumerated Value
maleAdult Animal string Enumerated Value
femaleAdult Animal string Enumerated Value
maleYoung Animal string Enumerated Value
femaleYoung Animal string Enumerated Value
noStatus Animal string Enumerated Value
inactive Animal string Enumerated Value
inCalf Animal string Enumerated Value
inHeat Animal string Enumerated Value
active Animal string Enumerated Value
healthy Animal string Enumerated Value
sick Animal string Enumerated Value
inTreatment Animal string Enumerated Value
fedWith Animal N/A Attribute
issue Animal string Enumerated Value
adequate Animal string Enumerated Value
id Pen object Attribute
dateCreated Pen string Attribute
dateModified Pen string Attribute
source Pen string Attribute
name Pen string Attribute
alternateName Pen string Attribute
description Pen string Attribute
dataProvider Pen string Attribute
owner Pen array Attribute
seeAlso Pen N/A Attribute
location Pen object Attribute
Point Pen string Enumerated Value
coordinates Pen array Attribute
bbox Pen array Attribute
LineString Pen string Enumerated Value
items Pen number Attribute
Polygon Pen string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint Pen string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString Pen string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon Pen string Enumerated Value
address Pen object Attribute
streetAddress Pen string Attribute
addressLocality Pen string Attribute
addressRegion Pen string Attribute
addressCountry Pen string Attribute
postalCode Pen string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber Pen string Attribute
areaServed Pen string Attribute
relatedSource Pen array Attribute
Pen Pen string Enumerated Value
additionalInfo Pen array Attribute
value Pen N/A Attribute
arrivalTimestamp Pen string Attribute
avgGrowth Pen number Attribute
avgWeight Pen number Attribute
buildingId Pen N/A Attribute
co2 Pen number Attribute
companyId Pen N/A Attribute
compartmentId Pen N/A Attribute
deadAnimalsSinceDateOfArrival Pen number Attribute
farmId Pen N/A Attribute
feedConsumption Pen number Attribute
humidity Pen number Attribute
lastUpdate Pen string Attribute
luminosity Pen number Attribute
numAnimals Pen number Attribute
M Pen string Enumerated Value
F Pen string Enumerated Value
unknown Pen string Enumerated Value
Pen string Enumerated Value
temperature Pen number Attribute
waterConsumption Pen number Attribute
weightStDev Pen number Attribute
schemaVersion Curve N/A Attribute
id Curve object Attribute
dateCreated Curve string Attribute
dateModified Curve string Attribute
source Curve string Attribute
name Curve string Attribute
alternateName Curve string Attribute
description Curve string Attribute
dataProvider Curve string Attribute
owner Curve array Attribute
seeAlso Curve N/A Attribute
Curve Curve string Enumerated Value
tag Curve object Attribute
FLOW-HEAD Curve string Enumerated Value
FLOW-EFFICIENCY Curve string Enumerated Value
FLOW-HEADLOSS Curve string Enumerated Value
LEVEL-VOLUME Curve string Enumerated Value
xData Curve array Attribute
yData Curve array Attribute
schemaVersion Junction N/A Attribute
location Junction object Attribute
Point Junction string Enumerated Value
coordinates Junction array Attribute
bbox Junction array Attribute
LineString Junction string Enumerated Value
items Junction number Attribute
Polygon Junction string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint Junction string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString Junction string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon Junction string Enumerated Value
address Junction object Attribute
streetAddress Junction string Attribute
addressLocality Junction string Attribute
addressRegion Junction string Attribute
addressCountry Junction string Attribute
postalCode Junction string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber Junction string Attribute
areaServed Junction string Attribute
id Junction object Attribute
dateCreated Junction string Attribute
dateModified Junction string Attribute
source Junction string Attribute
name Junction string Attribute
alternateName Junction string Attribute
description Junction string Attribute
dataProvider Junction string Attribute
owner Junction array Attribute
seeAlso Junction N/A Attribute
Junction Junction string Enumerated Value
tag Junction object Attribute
elevation Junction number Attribute
demandCategory Junction object Attribute
baseDemand Junction string Attribute
demandPattern Junction string Attribute
initialQuality Junction number Attribute
emitterCoefficient Junction number Attribute
sourceCategory Junction object Attribute
CONCEN Junction string Enumerated Value
MASS Junction string Enumerated Value
FLOWPACED Junction string Enumerated Value
SETPOINT Junction string Enumerated Value
sourceQuality Junction number Attribute
sourcePattern Junction string Attribute
location Network object Attribute
Point Network string Enumerated Value
coordinates Network array Attribute
bbox Network array Attribute
LineString Network string Enumerated Value
items Network number Attribute
Polygon Network string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint Network string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString Network string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon Network string Enumerated Value
address Network object Attribute
streetAddress Network string Attribute
addressLocality Network string Attribute
addressRegion Network string Attribute
addressCountry Network string Attribute
postalCode Network string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber Network string Attribute
areaServed Network string Attribute
id Network object Attribute
dateCreated Network string Attribute
dateModified Network string Attribute
source Network string Attribute
name Network string Attribute
alternateName Network string Attribute
description Network string Attribute
dataProvider Network string Attribute
owner Network array Attribute
seeAlso Network N/A Attribute
WaterNetwork Network string Enumerated Value
isComposedOf Network array Attribute
hasSubNetwork Network array Attribute
schemaVersion Pattern N/A Attribute
id Pattern object Attribute
dateCreated Pattern string Attribute
dateModified Pattern string Attribute
source Pattern string Attribute
name Pattern string Attribute
alternateName Pattern string Attribute
description Pattern string Attribute
dataProvider Pattern string Attribute
owner Pattern array Attribute
seeAlso Pattern N/A Attribute
Pattern Pattern string Enumerated Value
tag Pattern object Attribute
multipliers Pattern array Attribute
timeStep Pattern number Attribute
startTime Pattern string Attribute
schemaVersion Pipe N/A Attribute
id Pipe object Attribute
dateCreated Pipe string Attribute
dateModified Pipe string Attribute
source Pipe string Attribute
name Pipe string Attribute
alternateName Pipe string Attribute
description Pipe string Attribute
dataProvider Pipe string Attribute
owner Pipe array Attribute
seeAlso Pipe N/A Attribute
Pipe Pipe string Enumerated Value
tag Pipe object Attribute
initialStatus Pipe object Attribute
length Pipe number Attribute
diameter Pipe number Attribute
roughness Pipe number Attribute
minorLoss Pipe number Attribute
status Pipe object Attribute
startsAt Pipe string Attribute
endsAt Pipe string Attribute
wallCoeff Pipe number Attribute
bulkCoeff Pipe number Attribute
vertices Pipe N/A Attribute
schemaVersion Pump N/A Attribute
id Pump object Attribute
dateCreated Pump string Attribute
dateModified Pump string Attribute
source Pump string Attribute
name Pump string Attribute
alternateName Pump string Attribute
description Pump string Attribute
dataProvider Pump string Attribute
owner Pump array Attribute
seeAlso Pump N/A Attribute
Pump Pump string Enumerated Value
tag Pump object Attribute
status Pump object Attribute
initialStatus Pump object Attribute
power Pump number Attribute
speed Pump number Attribute
startsAt Pump string Attribute
endsAt Pump string Attribute
vertices Pump N/A Attribute
headCurve Pump string Attribute
pumpPattern Pump string Attribute
efficCurve Pump string Attribute
energyPrice Pump number Attribute
energyPattern Pump string Attribute
schemaVersion Reservoir N/A Attribute
location Reservoir object Attribute
Point Reservoir string Enumerated Value
coordinates Reservoir array Attribute
bbox Reservoir array Attribute
LineString Reservoir string Enumerated Value
items Reservoir number Attribute
Polygon Reservoir string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint Reservoir string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString Reservoir string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon Reservoir string Enumerated Value
address Reservoir object Attribute
streetAddress Reservoir string Attribute
addressLocality Reservoir string Attribute
addressRegion Reservoir string Attribute
addressCountry Reservoir string Attribute
postalCode Reservoir string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber Reservoir string Attribute
areaServed Reservoir string Attribute
id Reservoir object Attribute
dateCreated Reservoir string Attribute
dateModified Reservoir string Attribute
source Reservoir string Attribute
name Reservoir string Attribute
alternateName Reservoir string Attribute
description Reservoir string Attribute
dataProvider Reservoir string Attribute
owner Reservoir array Attribute
seeAlso Reservoir N/A Attribute
Reservoir Reservoir string Enumerated Value
tag Reservoir object Attribute
reservoirHead Reservoir number Attribute
initialQuality Reservoir number Attribute
elevation Reservoir number Attribute
sourceCategory Reservoir object Attribute
CONCEN Reservoir string Enumerated Value
MASS Reservoir string Enumerated Value
FLOWPACED Reservoir string Enumerated Value
SETPOINT Reservoir string Enumerated Value
sourceQuality Reservoir number Attribute
sourcePattern Reservoir string Attribute
headPattern Reservoir string Attribute
hasInlet Reservoir string Attribute
hasOutlet Reservoir string Attribute
location SimulationResult object Attribute
Point SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
coordinates SimulationResult array Attribute
bbox SimulationResult array Attribute
LineString SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
items SimulationResult number Attribute
Polygon SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
address SimulationResult object Attribute
streetAddress SimulationResult string Attribute
addressLocality SimulationResult string Attribute
addressRegion SimulationResult string Attribute
addressCountry SimulationResult string Attribute
postalCode SimulationResult string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber SimulationResult string Attribute
areaServed SimulationResult string Attribute
id SimulationResult object Attribute
dateCreated SimulationResult string Attribute
dateModified SimulationResult string Attribute
source SimulationResult string Attribute
name SimulationResult string Attribute
alternateName SimulationResult string Attribute
description SimulationResult string Attribute
dataProvider SimulationResult string Attribute
owner SimulationResult array Attribute
seeAlso SimulationResult N/A Attribute
SimulationResult SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
hasInputNetwork SimulationResult N/A Attribute
refSimulationScenario SimulationResult N/A Attribute
outputParameters SimulationResult array Attribute
demand SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
energyUse SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
flow SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
head SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
initialQuality SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
level SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
pressure SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
quality SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
sourceMassInflow SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
supply SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
velocity SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
waterLevel SimulationResult string Enumerated Value
value SimulationResult N/A Attribute
targetURI SimulationResult N/A Attribute
id SimulationScenario object Attribute
dateCreated SimulationScenario string Attribute
dateModified SimulationScenario string Attribute
source SimulationScenario string Attribute
name SimulationScenario string Attribute
alternateName SimulationScenario string Attribute
description SimulationScenario string Attribute
dataProvider SimulationScenario string Attribute
owner SimulationScenario array Attribute
seeAlso SimulationScenario N/A Attribute
location SimulationScenario object Attribute
Point SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
coordinates SimulationScenario array Attribute
bbox SimulationScenario array Attribute
LineString SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
items SimulationScenario number Attribute
Polygon SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
address SimulationScenario object Attribute
streetAddress SimulationScenario string Attribute
addressLocality SimulationScenario string Attribute
addressRegion SimulationScenario string Attribute
addressCountry SimulationScenario string Attribute
postalCode SimulationScenario string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber SimulationScenario string Attribute
areaServed SimulationScenario string Attribute
SimulationScenario SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
createdBy SimulationScenario N/A Attribute
hasInputNetwork SimulationScenario N/A Attribute
hasSimulationResult SimulationScenario N/A Attribute
qualityTimeStep SimulationScenario number Attribute
duration SimulationScenario number Attribute
hydraulicTimeStep SimulationScenario number Attribute
patternStep SimulationScenario number Attribute
patternStart SimulationScenario string Attribute
reportStep SimulationScenario number Attribute
reportStart SimulationScenario number Attribute
ruleTimeStep SimulationScenario number Attribute
startClockTime SimulationScenario number Attribute
averaged SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
maximum SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
minimum SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
none SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
range SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
trials SimulationScenario number Attribute
accuracy SimulationScenario number Attribute
tolerance SimulationScenario number Attribute
emitterExponent SimulationScenario number Attribute
headError SimulationScenario number Attribute
flowChange SimulationScenario number Attribute
demandCharge SimulationScenario number Attribute
specificGravity SimulationScenario number Attribute
requiredPressure SimulationScenario number Attribute
pressureExponent SimulationScenario number Attribute
viscosity SimulationScenario number Attribute
stop SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
continue SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
continue_N SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
unbalancedN SimulationScenario number Attribute
checkFrequency SimulationScenario number Attribute
maxCheck SimulationScenario number Attribute
dampLimit SimulationScenario number Attribute
diffusivity SimulationScenario number Attribute
bulkOrder SimulationScenario number Attribute
wallOrder SimulationScenario number Attribute
tankOrder SimulationScenario number Attribute
concentrationLimit SimulationScenario number Attribute
age SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
chem SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
trace SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
chemicalName SimulationScenario string Attribute
chemicalUnits SimulationScenario string Attribute
traceNodeID SimulationScenario N/A Attribute
AFD SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
CFS SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
CMD SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
CMH SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
GPM SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
IMGD SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
LPS SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
LPM SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
MLD SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
MGD SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
H-W SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
D-W SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
C-M SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
DDA SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
PDA SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
minimumPressure SimulationScenario number Attribute
operationalControl SimulationScenario array Attribute
type SimulationScenario string Attribute
triggerLevel SimulationScenario number Attribute
setting SimulationScenario number Attribute
HILEVEL SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
LOWLEVEL SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
TIMEOFDAY SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
TIMER SimulationScenario string Enumerated Value
controlledLink SimulationScenario N/A Attribute
monitoredNode SimulationScenario N/A Attribute
inputParameter SimulationScenario array Attribute
parameterName SimulationScenario string Attribute
value SimulationScenario N/A Attribute
targetURI SimulationScenario N/A Attribute
schemaVersion Tank N/A Attribute
location Tank object Attribute
Point Tank string Enumerated Value
coordinates Tank array Attribute
bbox Tank array Attribute
LineString Tank string Enumerated Value
items Tank number Attribute
Polygon Tank string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint Tank string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString Tank string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon Tank string Enumerated Value
address Tank object Attribute
streetAddress Tank string Attribute
addressLocality Tank string Attribute
addressRegion Tank string Attribute
addressCountry Tank string Attribute
postalCode Tank string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber Tank string Attribute
areaServed Tank string Attribute
id Tank object Attribute
dateCreated Tank string Attribute
dateModified Tank string Attribute
source Tank string Attribute
name Tank string Attribute
alternateName Tank string Attribute
description Tank string Attribute
dataProvider Tank string Attribute
owner Tank array Attribute
seeAlso Tank N/A Attribute
Tank Tank string Enumerated Value
tag Tank object Attribute
elevation Tank number Attribute
initLevel Tank number Attribute
minLevel Tank number Attribute
maxLevel Tank number Attribute
minVolume Tank number Attribute
nominalDiameter Tank number Attribute
initialQuality Tank number Attribute
bulkReactionCoefficient Tank number Attribute
MIXED Tank string Enumerated Value
2COMP Tank string Enumerated Value
FIFO Tank string Enumerated Value
LIFO Tank string Enumerated Value
sourceCategory Tank object Attribute
CONCEN Tank string Enumerated Value
MASS Tank string Enumerated Value
FLOWPACED Tank string Enumerated Value
SETPOINT Tank string Enumerated Value
sourceQuality Tank number Attribute
sourcePattern Tank string Attribute
volumeCurve Tank string Attribute
mixingFraction Tank number Attribute
hasInlet Tank string Attribute
hasOutlet Tank string Attribute
schemaVersion Valve N/A Attribute
id Valve object Attribute
dateCreated Valve string Attribute
dateModified Valve string Attribute
source Valve string Attribute
name Valve string Attribute
alternateName Valve string Attribute
description Valve string Attribute
dataProvider Valve string Attribute
owner Valve array Attribute
seeAlso Valve N/A Attribute
Valve Valve string Enumerated Value
tag Valve object Attribute
status Valve object Attribute
initialStatus Valve object Attribute
diameter Valve number Attribute
PRV Valve string Enumerated Value
PSV Valve string Enumerated Value
PBV Valve string Enumerated Value
FCV Valve string Enumerated Value
TCV Valve string Enumerated Value
GPV Valve string Enumerated Value
setting Valve number Attribute
minorLoss Valve number Attribute
startsAt Valve string Attribute
endsAt Valve string Attribute
valveCurve Valve string Attribute
vertices Valve N/A Attribute
id OffStreetParking object Attribute
dateCreated OffStreetParking string Attribute
dateModified OffStreetParking string Attribute
source OffStreetParking string Attribute
name OffStreetParking string Attribute
alternateName OffStreetParking string Attribute
description OffStreetParking string Attribute
dataProvider OffStreetParking string Attribute
owner OffStreetParking array Attribute
seeAlso OffStreetParking N/A Attribute
location OffStreetParking object Attribute
Point OffStreetParking string Enumerated Value
coordinates OffStreetParking array Attribute
bbox OffStreetParking array Attribute
LineString OffStreetParking string Enumerated Value
items OffStreetParking number Attribute
Polygon OffStreetParking string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint OffStreetParking string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString OffStreetParking string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon OffStreetParking string Enumerated Value
address OffStreetParking object Attribute
streetAddress OffStreetParking string Attribute
addressLocality OffStreetParking string Attribute
addressRegion OffStreetParking string Attribute
addressCountry OffStreetParking string Attribute
postalCode OffStreetParking string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber OffStreetParking string Attribute
areaServed OffStreetParking string Attribute
OffStreetParking OffStreetParking string Enumerated Value
category OffStreetParking array Attribute
extCategory OffStreetParking array Attribute
allowedVehicleType OffStreetParking array Attribute
chargeType OffStreetParking array Attribute
requiredPermit OffStreetParking array Attribute
occupancyDetectionType OffStreetParking array Attribute
occupancyModified OffStreetParking string Attribute
occupancy OffStreetParking number Attribute
acceptedPaymentMethod OffStreetParking array Attribute
priceRatePerMinute OffStreetParking number Attribute
priceCurrency OffStreetParking string Attribute
layout OffStreetParking array Attribute
usageScenario OffStreetParking array Attribute
parkingMode OffStreetParking array Attribute
facilities OffStreetParking array Attribute
security OffStreetParking array Attribute
maximumParkingDuration OffStreetParking string Attribute
openingHours OffStreetParking string Attribute
specialLocation OffStreetParking array Attribute
status OffStreetParking array Attribute
reservationType OffStreetParking array Attribute
provider OffStreetParking object Attribute
measuresPeriod OffStreetParking number Attribute
measuresPeriodUnit OffStreetParking string Attribute
contactPoint OffStreetParking object Attribute
averageSpotWidth OffStreetParking number Attribute
averageSpotLength OffStreetParking number Attribute
maximumAllowedHeight OffStreetParking number Attribute
maximumAllowedWidth OffStreetParking number Attribute
refParkingAccess OffStreetParking N/A Attribute
refParkingGroup OffStreetParking N/A Attribute
refParkingSpot OffStreetParking N/A Attribute
aggregateRating OffStreetParking object Attribute
vehicleEntranceCount OffStreetParking number Attribute
vehicleExitCount OffStreetParking number Attribute
accessModified OffStreetParking string Attribute
images OffStreetParking array Attribute
id OnStreetParking object Attribute
dateCreated OnStreetParking string Attribute
dateModified OnStreetParking string Attribute
source OnStreetParking string Attribute
name OnStreetParking string Attribute
alternateName OnStreetParking string Attribute
description OnStreetParking string Attribute
dataProvider OnStreetParking string Attribute
owner OnStreetParking array Attribute
seeAlso OnStreetParking N/A Attribute
location OnStreetParking object Attribute
Point OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
coordinates OnStreetParking array Attribute
bbox OnStreetParking array Attribute
LineString OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
items OnStreetParking number Attribute
Polygon OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
MultiPoint OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
MultiLineString OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
MultiPolygon OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
address OnStreetParking object Attribute
streetAddress OnStreetParking string Attribute
addressLocality OnStreetParking string Attribute
addressRegion OnStreetParking string Attribute
addressCountry OnStreetParking string Attribute
postalCode OnStreetParking string Attribute
postOfficeBoxNumber OnStreetParking string Attribute
areaServed OnStreetParking string Attribute
OnStreetParking OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
category OnStreetParking array Attribute
agriculturalVehicle OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
anyVehicle OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
articulatedVehicle OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
bicycle OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
bus OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
car OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
caravan OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
carOrLightVehicle OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
carWithCaravan OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
carWithTrailer OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
constructionOrMaintenanceVehicle OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
fourWheelDrive OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
highSidedVehicle OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
lorry OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
moped OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
motorcycle OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
motorcycleWithSideCar OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
motorscooter OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
tanker OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
threeWheeledVehicle OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
trailer OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
tram OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
twoWheeledVehicle OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
van OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
vehicleWithCatalyticConverter OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
vehicleWithoutCatalyticConverter OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
vehicleWithCaravan OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
vehicleWithTrailer OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
withEvenNumberedRegistrationPlates OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
withOddNumberedRegistrationPlates OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
other OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
requiredPermit OnStreetParking array Attribute
permitActiveHours OnStreetParking object Attribute
maximumParkingDuration OnStreetParking string Attribute
chargeType OnStreetParking array Attribute
ByBankTransferInAdvance OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
ByInvoice OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
Cash OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
CheckInAdvance OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
COD OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
DirectDebit OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
GoogleCheckout OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
PayPal OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
PaySwarm OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
carSharing OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
dropOff OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
kissAndRide OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
liftShare OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
loadingBay OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
overnightParking OnStreetParking string Enumerated Value
parkAndRide OnStreetParking ht