New pysmartdatamodels package 0.6.3 Release

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to pysmartdatamodels Python package, version 0.6.3, featuring a new function: generate_sql_schema()This addition enabling seamless generation of SQL schemas with just a few lines of code!

Introducing  generate_sql_schemqa() Function:

With the new function, generate_sql_schemqa()  pysmartdatamodels simplifies the process of creating SQL schemas for your data models by providing as input the model.yaml representation of a Smart Data Model.

New service: Export you data models to SQL schema

We provide a service to Generate a PostgreSQL schema SQL script from the model.yaml representation of a Smart Data Model.

You can access this service under this link following Tools > SQL service.

You need to provide as input the standard GitHub link to the model.yaml file or the raw version GitHub link.

Vote for the new SQL service (Just two questions)

We are very close to launch a new service and we want to have your feedback on how to create this service.

So we made a Survey and you can help us by submitting your preference.

    This is a survey about the type of service that we want to create for the users of the Smart Data Models that generates a PostgreSQL schema SQL script.

    2. We would like to propose the following ways to interact with the service, choose one of these approaches :

    If you want us to discuss the suggestion fill your email here otherwise please leave it empty

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    Thank you!